waxwork vampire scene

2.5 sec. My uninitiated imagination saw the doorway as an entryway to fear as opposed to a gateway that led to all of those things that make horror so wonderfully exciting. . If I go on and on more about this scene people reading this will start wondering about me so let’s just end it there! A simple nine word invitation that sums up the film’s exploits better than anything I could write here, including the scene in the vampire’s basement: Waxwork (1988): Written by Anthony Hickox & Directed by Anthony Hickox, Victorian Fashion and the Colour Coded Undead in Crimson Peak (2015), Perspective, Realism, & Fighting the Death Penalty in 10 Rillington Place (1971), Boredom of the Lower Class in The Snowtown Murders (2011), A Congregation of Werewolves in Silver Bullet (1985). Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

The sensual tension between them mounts as the view continues to cut between close ups of each, China moving ever closer. Waxwork is all about an evil man, played brilliantly by David Warner, who invites some teenagers to his house to view his waxwork exhibits. While the viewer never sees the knife going into Charles’ leg, the downward swipe of Stephan’s hand, the fleshy thud and Charles’ screams create a visceral image that never has to appear onscreen. Back in the dining room she hears fluttering wings and encounters the Count. If that happens to you then that is your loss and you probably have a phobia concerning dwarves. Her expression turns desirous. Hi JR - as episodes they were effective but not that great stood alone, if you will...I agree Zach does become more sympathetic as the film progresses but was even more so in waxwork 2.Now, nit-picking it might be, but you are quite correct - a crucifix always features a cross but a cross is not necessarily a crucifix and thus two knives crossed make a cross and not a crucifix... however, the idea that they can be destroyed by crucifix (specifically) is lifted straight from the dialogue, so the nit is picked (as it were) with the script ;)Cheers for the comment, always good to here from you, It has been too long since I saw this film to remember the details, but I recall the scene with the guy and his tortured leg, as you show in the vidcap.

Zach Galligan, who was in Gremlins, plays Sarah’s love interest Mark. Touch his head!” China fills the frame, the makeshift knife-cross in the foreground and her strong-willed, weathered face pressing onward. When they visit the museum the next night, they find themselves being sucked into the displays and interacting with the scenery directly. Yes please!

I had never considered the tagline on the VHS. The image again cuts back to the wide shot of all three just as Stephan finally makes his move: STEPHAN leans over CHARLES and tries to grab CHINA.

Waxwork was an amalgam of Hickox’s influences and, whether looking at the mutilated leg or overtly silly chase around the table, they all came to striking life in this scene.

The discovery that the raw meat she had consumed in the scene prior was actually the leg of the poor man before her, to whom she is also apparently engaged, informs her revulsion as well as her eventual resolve. It would be years beyond that before I finally mustered the courage to put the movie in and give it a chance. ( Log Out /  I remember enjoying the film overall.Bill, Its one of those moments you just know will happen and it dioesn't disapoint, Bill, glad to have sparked some memories. *insert evil laughter here*. He knew what was important and what needed to be onscreen. ( Log Out /  The broad grin that was plastered across my face throughout that initial viewing had as much to do with the film as it did my lifelong assumptions about it.

A simple touch, but a shivering one that amplifies the absurd grossness and once more calls back to the unfortunate meal that China had recently ingested. Being a “W” title, the cassette was found in the very last shelf in my local Family Video which faced a window, close to the Kid’s Section and adjacent to the front double doors. The white aesthetic is immediately apparent: from the white tiled walls, to the white staircase, to China’s pale skin set against her glistening white dress, there is an overt, unspoiled purity apparent from the moment the scene begins. The proprietor invites them to a gathering and, naturally, they accept. In real life De Sade wasn’t very hunky looking and if he would have been alive today he probably just would have whacked off to internet porn, but that isn’t the point! No, it really isn’t! In the commentary, Anthony Hickox said he dictated that, “the room has to be totally white— no other color.”, After a pause, he continued, “so the blood would stand out.”. The infamous Marquis De Sade scene.


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