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Professor Müller is internationally renowned for leading the construction of a Virtual Earth Laboratory to ‘see’ deep into Earth in four dimensions (space and time). We'll need to know what you want to contact us about so we can give you an answer. Given that all plants compete for the same basic resources, why is there not a single winner? As such, ablation of this gene in pre-clinical models prevented melanoma, breast, prostate and lung cancer metastases from developing and reduced the onset and growth of solid tumours including sarcomas, breast and colon cancer.

He showed how the uplift of the eastern Australian highlands is dominated by dynamic topography due to plate–mantle interaction. Victoria, Australia.


She is committed to innovating, promoting and improving the safety in mining environments, and along our major transport corridors, by reducing rockfall hazards. healthdirect's information and advice are developed and managed within a rigorous clinical governance framework. This diverse portfolio includes a range of business units and national facilities including Data61; Astronomy and Space Science; National Research Collections Australia; Information, Management & Technology; the Australian Animal Health Laboratory; the Australian Telescope National Facility, The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre and the Marine National Facility.

Thank you for sharing our content. Currently Dr Zipper is the Executive Director Future Industries (Acting). Her principal focus is on the diseases of ageing, where she explores the action of antioxidants in countering oxidative stress, but her sensors have found application across many fields of medical research. The discovery’s breakthrough status was sealed when inhibiting Cish function alone was more effective than the current gold-standard immunotherapies that have revolutionised cancer outcomes. Widely considered as a leader in our understanding of abrupt climate change, Dr Menviel has made a series of ground-breaking discoveries in several topical areas of earth science: detecting past changes in oceanic circulation; understanding the role of ocean circulation in past and future abrupt climate change; evaluation of the impact of changes in oceanic circulation on the carbon cycle; and constraining the stability and variability of the Antarctic ice sheet. He is a world leader in groundwater-surface water connectivity research, and has developed innovative analytical approaches that put him at the forefront of the field. His research linked water worlds that are often investigated separately but require integration for optimal management. The thrust of his research is developing methods for analysing modern genetic/genomic data, focusing on understanding the role of genetics in human disease and how genetics informs studies of human population history. Swinburne University of Technology, +4 more Mercy Regional College, +1 more Thomas Bennett Student at Macquarie University. She has also developed sensors that observe how cancer treatments such as cisplatin have effect within the cell. Judi has had extensive experience in the public sector, encompassing a range of policy advice and implementation positions in the Australian Government in areas of Trade, Attorney General’s, Industry and Innovation, and Infrastructure. Famous People From Australia. Greater Sydney Area.

For more information on these and other Academy awards and funding schemes, see Academy's opportunities for scientists. Teacher body cams are not the answer to bad classroom behaviour Comment. There is a total of 5 errors on this form, details are below. Like paragraphs, which are separated by spaces, our genes also contain spacer sequences known scientifically as introns. Theories and algorithms he developed for Defence Science and Technology (DST) have enabled unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, or drones) to fly in formations to better safeguard our borders. Sorry, an error has occured, please try again. He is a member of Accelerating R&D in NSW Advisory Committee (ARDAC) and ex-officio member of National Science and Technology Council Associate Professor Leslie has made major contributions to mathematical genetics. Professor Jagadish has made pioneering contributions to semiconductor physics in particular materials physics and optical physics. Combining multiple trade-offs predicts correctly the proliferation of shade-tolerant species and enables forests of considerably greater diversity than was previously thought possible. Combined with the large-scale datasets he has compiled, this work promises to transform community ecology into a predictive and data-oriented science, underpinning effective ecosystem management and restoration. Based on excellent scientific engineering methodologies, Associate Professor Giacomini has translated her findings into innovative workplace interventions to provide safer working environments in Australian mining operations, across our coastline and in major civil transport infrastructure projects. Judi Zielke is Chief Operating Officer at CSIRO and heads its Operations Group responsible for finance, property, governance and corporate affairs. Outstanding contributions to science have been recognised by the Australian Academy of Science with 20 of Australia’s leading scientists receiving a 2019 honorific award. Tom Bennett New Product … If yes, think again. Her DNA markers have been critically important in the mapping and sequencing of genomes of canola, related Brassicas such as turnip and cabbage, and other crops including wheat, peas and lentils. Professor Flammia’s work has impacted both theory and experimental practice in the field, with direct impact on Australian efforts in quantum technology. Katherine Paroz has 20+ years’ experience leading senior global human resources teams, across the telecommunications, technology and health sectors. More information on the Pawsey Medal, and how to nominate. The main focus of Dr Lê Cao’s research is to develop statistical and computational methods that are applicable to high-throughput biological data arising from frontier technologies.

For example in China, his UAV allows a regulatory authority to monitor pollution levels associated with factory chimneys by hovering over a chimney to sample the exhaust; this means that falsification of data from chimney-mounted sensors can be detected. Associate Professor New's research focusses on developing chemical tools that advance the understanding of the chemistry within cells.

Associate Professor Mackay’s work contributed to identifying a subset of immune cells, called tissue-resident memory T cells, which provide front-line defence for the body against repeated infection. Technology Separating neuromyths from science in education Comment. All of these features are important to ensure that messages are conveyed accurately in our cells. It has been accessed by users from 183 countries and many disciplines. By marrying the classical theory of compressed sensing with quantum tomography, Professor Flammia’s work has succeeded in drastically reducing the number of measurements required to learn the types of quantum states and processes commonly found in laboratory experiments aimed at building scalable quantum computers. By adding selection into vegetation models, Dr Falster is pioneering a framework that makes first-principles predictions for the combination of traits favoured under any given environment. Chief Operating Officer Famous Australian Scientists.

A message has been sent to your recipient's email address with a link to the content webpage. Professor Batley has made major contributions to our understanding of the genetics and genomics of crops including canola (Brassica napus), a major source of edible oil. Associate Professor Mackay’s future research is directed toward harnessing these cells to create new therapies for infectious disease, cancer, and autoimmune diseases.

Greater Melbourne Area. Using cutting-edge screens whereby each gene of the genome is deleted individually in white blood cells, Professor Huntington established that the gene Cish impaired white blood cells from responding to the growth factor, IL-15. Professor Gill has made both fundamental and applied contributions to the progress of quantum chemistry. More information on the Dorothy Hill Medal, and how to nominate. - EXECUTIVE. Executive Director- Digital, National Facilities And Collections Executive Director – Environment, Energy And Resources Her research is also essential for the safety and stability of Australia’s major highways and railways, and in stabilising cliff faces along our highly populated coastline. Dr Goerigk's work has had substantial international impact and will influence how chemists will use DFT in the future. Through explicit modelling of community assembly, driven by physiological trade-offs and competition for light, Falster’s work shows how particular trade-offs in the functioning of leaves and allocation of energy to reproduction enable distinct species to coexist, even while competing for a single resource. Quantum information science (QIS), a field born at the interface between physics and computation, has impacted all areas of physics. Prior to that he led the Challenges and Digital Transformation program (10 month secondment). His methods now belong to the most accurate in the field. Katherine is a well-known and respected business leader, particularly for leading innovation in the enterprise-wide delivery of best in class People strategies. Space ‘Exploding’ star ‘right on schedule’ Among the pulsars they have discovered is the only known double pulsar which has given the best confirmation so far that Einstein’s General Relativity gives an accurate description of gravitational interactions in strong-field conditions. Professor Williamson is a world leader in the field of geometric representation theory. His other contributions include the development of an improved way to determine biomolecular structures, more reliable analyses of reaction mechanisms, and predictions leading to the development of novel smart technologies. Dr Menviel is an exceptional early career researcher who has made major contributions to our understanding of the oceanic circulation, its variability and its impact on global climate, the carbon cycle and the cryosphere.

Executive Director, Growth She is also a Member of the Board of the Queensland Reconstruction Authority. In these ways she has played a key role in pioneering biotechnological methods that are now being exploited by plant breeders worldwide.


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