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She used the time away from the camp to persuade Tom that Werner's game has become far too threatening for the rest of them to compete against at Final Tribal Council. While Werner was enjoying his letter from home, PK went to the tribe's water supply to dig up an immunity idol. His pleas fell short of convincing his allies to keep him on their deals, and was sent to the jury. Mindanao won the challenge.

However, the show's format remained much the same, with the prize set at 1,000,000 Rand. Survivor South Africa: Malaysia is the second season of the reality television show Survivor South Africa. Jeanne admitted that luck played a part of her game, and that adapting her game early and laying low behind Werner were crucial moves on her part. Mandla was the first to fall in Final Immunity Challenge and was sent immediately eliminated.

Amidst the chaos around camp, Katinka considered getting rid of Jeanne first before PK, to Werner's chagrin, and Annalize tried to rally people so that she could use the extra vote she found with Toni.
They had the afternoon while the former Mindanao members were sleeping for Ace to dig, and Josie to keep watch. As Werner accumulated power, the women in his alliance started to turn on him. The winner was Graham Jenneker, a financial manager from Bellville. Initially Luzon were divided by alliances trying to win over Ace's loyalty, while Mindanao dominated in the early challenges. They did, but Ace did not play an idol and was sent home. "I'm a chameleon, I can be anything you want me to be," Robert says. Marthunis caught a glimpse of Werner's actions from the sit-out bench. Chané and Palesa were concerned about how Tom would be on the jury if he made the merge, but Vusi was against the idea of throwing a challenge to get rid of Tom. At the vote, PK stuck with Toni's decoy plan of voting for Palesa due to the lack of numbers, with Visayas voting for Katinka, and Tom flipping, sending a non-surprised Vusi to the jury. Challenge Wins: Occupation: Ultimately Ace sided with Chané and Tom over his initial ally, Josie, to help take out Seamus before he got the chance to betray the physical players in the tribe. Jeanne and the women considered Werner as their shield to get to the end. This was the first Survivor South Africa season to last 39 days — the typical length of the American production — instead of the 27 or 29 day format used in earlier seasons. Josie and Annalize were indeed voted out, however, Nico informed the two that they were swapping tribes instead of leaving and would select another tribe member to join their new tribe. Palesa chose to keep quiet about her idol, and Tom said to her that she was safe for the vote. With no more idols or advantages left in the game, Werner stated at Tribal Council that he felt vulnerable for the first time in a while and tried to paint a target on Annalize's social game. At Mindanao, Werner revealed that he got an idol and offered to keep it for the tribe to use at the merge against Luzon. Rob Bentele Meanwhile, both Jeanne and Tevin expressed annoyance of Marthunis' behaviour around camp. The Mindanao alliance comforted a crying Katinka, who received votes from the Visayas camp except for Tom. With Werner declaring to the tribe that he was using his idol, he was preparing to blindside Jeanne as a means to make amends with the jury.

Chané, Palesa, Toni and Werner won the challenge, and PK, as the unselected castaway, joined them on the reward. The morning after, Tom expressed his desire to get rid of Ace for flipping on the Big 5 alliance as soon as possible. At Tribal Council, PK laid out the pecking order that Werner was kingpin, with Jeanne, Katinka, and Annalize as the final 4, with Tom as a number and Toni and himself on the outs with Chané and Palesa. In fear that PK had an idol, Jeanne and the majority decided to load their votes onto Palesa, with her being voted out with an unknown idol in her pocket and into the jury. Vusi tore into Tom about having a childish and selfish behaviour that permeated throughout the season. After two rounds of voting, Tribal Council remained tied. Visayas had depleted their food supply and were desperate for reward. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Contestant Profile

A depleted and exhausted PK and Toni on Mindanao found out on the morning of Day 22 that they had made it to the merge, alongside Visayas and Luzon. At Tribal Council, Jeanne was still under the impression that Annalize was the target, while Annalize and Katinka used the extra vote to pile votes onto Jeanne. The application process ended on 2 April 2007. Nico immediately introduced the first reward challenge of the season to the two tribes, Luzon (Red) and Mindanao (Blue). The men and Murishca felt that today was going to be a simple vote against Jeanne, until Stacey-Lee started to express that she wanted out of the game. However, Werner decided to shock the tribe and jury by playing his idol on Jeanne. After a long afternoon figuring out whether Werner or Toni on the jury was detrimental to her game, Jeanne voted Werner off the jury. Luzon voted out Josie who brought Toni with her to Mindanao; Mindanao voted out Annalize who brought Katinka with her to Luzon. Katinka approached Annalize about the option to get rid of Jeanne, while PK was eager to do anything to stay in the game. The new Mindanao tribe arrived at the old Luzon camp, where they discovered that, despite the comforts and shelter, they had next to no food. Over at Mindanao, the mood of the camp was that Marthunis was the primary target if they went to Tribal Council to keep tribal morale up. It had two South African sports champions that led the tribes. At the reward, Tom, Jeanne and Werner decided that PK had to go, but at Tribal Council, Katinka flipped the alliance's vote onto Toni. Survivor South Africa: Philippines is the sixth season of the South African reality competition show Survivor South Africa. Gallery Marthunis' behaviour continued to alienate the other original Mindanao members back at camp while they enjoyed reward, with Katinka taking time away from the men to go explore the reefs by herself. Tensions at Visayas between Tom and Palesa were building as both of them were trying to sway Murishca to side with their alliance. The 20 castaways were split into the Selatan ​ and Utara ​ tribes, eventually merging into the Juara tribe.

Winner From: Richards Bay The women started to distance themselves from Toni as her emotional backlash was getting to young Katinka's nerves. No vote: Marthunis chose to quit the game. Werner decided that he needed to step up in voicing his opinions within his alliance, deciding that PK had to go first to control the numbers of the Mindanao alliance.
At Tribal Council, she decided that Annalize's relationships with the jury was more threatening, sending her straight to the jury. Tom was emotional after his immunity win, knowing that he was an easy potential vote for the alliance if he had lost. Tom finally came to terms with the fact that he had to betray Werner at some point to have any chance to win with how the jury has formed over the season.

Per the rules, the non-tied castaways would be eliminated by random draw. Back at camp, Annalize and Werner decided to try and have a strategic talk free time, with Werner using that time for jury management. Neil, who had been assigned as the informal tribe leader, drew the white rock and was eliminated from the game. At Luzon, Werner approached Annalize about the possibility of removing Jeanne and forming a bond to the end, with her not committing to his plans. While the women supported her, PK rationalized why the Visayas alliance had voted the way they did. Before he outwits, outplays and outlasts, his game strategy is to out charm his teammates and rivals alike. Amanda and Grant were not eligible to vote as the only eligible players they could vote for were each other. After Tribal Council, Marthunis' fallout had put Werner, Tevin, and Toni on edge with the tantrum he threw, despite plans being made that they were pretending that Marthunis was on the outs, while Jeanne was still unaware of how close she was to being voted out instead of Stacey-Lee. At Tribal Council, PK and Toni highlighted that Werner was on a free ride to win, suggesting players like Katinka weren't aware that their game would not be respected by the jury, yet again Jeanne defended the alliance's gameplay of safe voting can work for certain players. The jury didn't hold back with their frustrations with Jeanne and Tom; calling out Jeanne for being lucky and her lack of strategic game play until the end, and berating Tom for his terrible social game before and after the merge. She tried to figure out whether Tom's role as social pariah throughout the game would be better to face than Annalize's favourable relationships with the entire jury. Learn how and when to remove this template message,,, Articles needing additional references from March 2018, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 12 April 2020, at 23:16. Tom's aggressive nature during the challenges and in camp life made Visayas consider throwing a challenge to get rid of him before the merge. The season was filmed in January and February 2018 in the Palawan province of the Philippines and aired weekly on M-Net from May 3, 2018 until the live finale on August 16, 2018, when Tom Swartz was crowned Sole Survivor over Jeanne Michel in a vote of 6-1.

On Day 9, the castaways were divided into three tribes with the creation of the Visayas tribe, named after the third largest region of islands in the Philippines. Annalize, feeling that she was going home instead of Jeanne, was left stunned when the men's votes revealed that they were sending Katinka to the jury instead. Josie chose Toni to reunite with Mindanao, and Annalize chose Katinka for Luzon. She chose Werner. The two in exile discovered an extra vote that Toni decided that the two of them must share among themselves. Tribe(s): On the new Visayas tribe, at the old Mindanao camp, Tom and Chané immediately approached Murishca as the only former Mindanao member on the tribe. Mindanao placed first and Visayas placed second, sending the new Luzon tribe to Tribal Council. Robert "Rob" Bentele is the Sole Survivor of Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets. He has been a bodybuilder and MMA fighter and has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, but for him "everything is about the energy". Palesa secretly read the clue she acquired at the shuffle pointing out that there was a hidden immunity idol placed at Tribal Council itself, giving her the option to get it the next time she visits, or save the location for later. Even with a surprise vote shuffle, the Mindanaos diverted from one another in preparation for the merge. Over at Mindanao, PK and Toni touched base since the first shuffle over allegiances of the original Mindanao members.

After back to back surprise immunity challenge wins, Jeanne took Tom to the end to face the Final Tribal Council, and removed Werner from the jury itself. Ace continued to dig once everyone was awake under the guise that he was building a tunnel from the fireplace to under the shelter for heat insulation, to the former Mindanao members' confused annoyance.


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