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The remaining satraps, led by Ptolemy after he successfully resisted Antigonus’ attack on Egypt, also took the title of king in 305–304. He took him to the capital at a young age and gave him as good of an education as he offered Alexander. When Alexander dreamed of other campaigns, Ptolemy stayed in the camp as a friend and companion of everyone. Seleucus I similarly put himself on his coins as Dionysus; in time the…, …Syria and Phoenicia, fell to Ptolemy I (Soter), who established himself as satrap in Egypt that same year and adopted the title of king by 304. Next year, we find Ptolemy as Alexander's second-in-command in the army that fought against the Cossaeans, a nomadic tribe from what is now called Luristan in the Zagros mountains. The Sumerian civilization (known also as Sumer) was one of the earliest civilizations in the world. Ptolemy I Soter was born in 367 BC. While in the Western world it is synonymous with fascism, being the centerpiece of the Nazi flag, in ancient times it was used as a positive symbol representing well being and good fortune. He served with Alexander from his first campaigns, and he became one of his seven trusted bodyguards.
Ptolemy, a general of Alexander the Great, was the founder of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt and the Levant, and he emerged as one of the most powerful rulers of Alexander's former empire during the Wars of the Diadochi. 367–282 bc ), also known as Lagides, was the son of Lagus, a Macedonian general, and Arsinoe, who may have
Apart from the classical Macedonian and Egyptian buildings, his builders had a unique new style of urbanization. He governed Egypt between 323 and 283 BC. Which Mysterious Macedonian Royal Was Buried At Amphipolis? Home » Articles » Person » Ptolemy I Soter, About Pictures Sources Countries Languages Categories Tags Thanks FAQ Donate Contact Articles Stubs. He entered Alexandria calling himself the successor of Alexander and became the pharaoh of Egypt. Everything in Ptolemy’s life suggested that he would be a very successful person, but, at least for a time, he had to stay in the shadow of Alexander. Admiral Nearchus objected: Alexander already had a son named Heracles by his mistress Barsine.Ptolemy objected too: these boys were half-breeds. Get your church set-up with online giving, sermon streaming, and more in under 24 hours. In the bronze age? He was also one of the heroes of the Battle of Issus.

This cannot be confirmed, but it is surely a theory worthy of being explored. We seek to retell the story of our beginnings. Ptolemy was born in 367 as the son of a Macedonian nobleman named Lagus and a woman named Arsinoe, who may or may not have belonged to a minor branch of the Macedonian dynasty.

Alexander decorated him several times for his deeds and married him to the Persian Artacama at the mass wedding at Susa, the Persian capital, which was the crowning event of Alexander’s policy of merging the Macedonian and Iranian populations. ( Public Domain ). The only town he founded was Ptolemais in Upper Egypt. About 296 he made peace with Demetrius Poliorcetes, to whom he betrothed his daughter Ptolemais. Ptolemy I Soter (367-282): friend and biographer of the Macedonian conqueror Alexander the Great, after his death king of Egypt, founder of the the Ptolemaic dynasty, one of the Diadochi. Ptolemy I Soter (367 BC-January 282 BC) was Pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt from 305 to 282 BC, succeeding Alexander IV and preceding Ptolemy II Philadelphus. Ptolemy probably took part in Alexander's Persian campaign from the very beginning, in 334. One of the anecdotes about Alexander's youth presents Ptolemy in exactly this function: after the battle of Chaeronea (338), in which Alexander's father Philip defeated the Greeks, Ptolemy advised Alexander to intervene in a marriage alliance concluded by Philip between his son Arridaeus and the daughter of the satrap of Caria, Pixodarus. This ancient civilization emerged in the region of southern Mesopotamia (modern day southern Iraq), between the Tigris and Euphrates River. Ptolemy (ca.

Alexander officially created the future capital city of Ptolemy on April 7, 331 BC. If it were a son, he had to be recognized as king. He was closely associated with Alexander during the advance through the Persian highland. His first wife Artacama was sent away.


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