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Hardwick's weight gain started after high school where he did not play football, but was a 6-foot-4, 171-pound wrestler. Two Ellen were studying the letterhead of the mail word by word. After 11 seasons with one team, he was entitled to a farewell press conference, and he couldn’t believe so many people showed up. Easily doable. The only way to gain or lose weight is to eat more or less calories than you expend in a day. He was in the league for 11 seasons, from 2004 until 2014, all with the Chargers.

2 pounds of ground beef on tortillas for dinner. He isn’t the only former O linemen to slim down upon retirement. The nightcap: a pint of Ben of Jerry’s, savored while lying in bed. “But it’s also because I’m no longer carrying all that extra weight,” he says. Do you mind taking a photo?” he asks. WEIGHT-GATE!!!!! And likely a lot healthier than any NFL offensive lineman, too. ", Hardwick later reintroduced carbs, started yoga, and started walking five to six miles a day; a typical meal is now "a giant salad topped with a lean meat, two tablespoons of almond butter, mustard, oil, balsamic vinaigrette and hot sauce.". A man with spiked blonde hair and sun splashed across his pale complexion walks into an organic salad joint, his gray T-shirt tightly hugging his toned and tattooed arms. From Center to Long Snapper in one season. Hardwick, who played center for the Chargers from 2004 to 2014, looked shockingly thin at today’s retirement announcement. "So it took a lot of effort for me to sustain that weight.". Subscriber If only most of these guys took the same approach when they retire. According to a Sports Illustrated article written by Emily Kaplan, Hardwick started to fill out by eating a gigantic sub for breakfast and lunch and almost a kilogram of ground beef on several tortillas for dinner. The BMI is absolute nonsense. Good for you Nick, you were a solid 10 yr pro. “Jared Allen was down to 220 at one point this season with the Bears, and all he did was get sick.”. I feel better.”. There will be a lot of tampered scales in the NFL. (He’s become active in the Save the Bolts campaign to keep the Chargers in San Diego. You don’t just lose weight like that…unless you are sick, or have surgery to remove it. 90 minutes after dinner he eat a 32-ounce tub of Greek yogurt with cereal piled on top. He said he felt the best he had felt in years. Then orders are placed. Nice to hear about something else getting deflated for a change. For dinner, Thomas could … The result was an 85-pound weight loss in just five months.

is easier to lose it quicker when you’re already “big”.

“I was disgusting,” he said. Yet when you adjust for accidental deaths we have the longest life expectancy in the world. Some blow their heads off!! Weight loss does not automatically mean healthy. At Purdue University, Hardwick bulked up to 230 pounds thanks to "unlimited cafeteria pizza" and an ROTC scholarship that had him training to become a marine. You’re not going out there and hitting people every day, releasing the same adrenal glands. You can lose weight eating ONLY Twinkies. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I had never felt so fragile emotionally. (look it up*) If you don’t get killed in a car wreck, murdered or kill yourself a big fat, lazy American lives longer than any person on the globe. I definitely wasn’t going to get bigger." After showering he hit up the cafeteria to get a large smoothie “with everything imaginable in it”—plus five eggs, sausage, and 32 ounces of whole milk. Six months and 85 pounds ago, Nick Hardwick was the center of the San Diego Chargers, tasked with fending off beastly linemen. This is the NFL fool, not horse racing or the Boston marathon. The newspaper tributes, the calls, texts and media requests were overwhelming. It’s tough seeing some of the big guys at the hall of fame walking around with canes. There was also the time he visited his in-laws in Canada and challenged everyone to a burpee competition in the basement.

You must be logged in to leave a comment. I ate red meat 7- 12 times per week when I was playing. He’s now lighter than most high school offensive linemen. It’s a paradigm shift; it’s a hormonal shift. Get down here and let's keep the @Chargers where they belong. “I was disgusting,” he says. Part of that is because he’s no longer getting hit. His friends talked him into trying out for the football team and he made the cut. Good for Hardwick. While on the team, Hardwick added another 65 pounds, reaching a weight of 295. I dropped 50 pounds in the first six months after my playing days were over, and I dropped as much as another 40 pounds over the next several years. “A lot of bread on the side, too,” Hardwick says. Two or three hours into meetings, he’d down a 700-calorie protein shake. I’ve went from 440 pounds as of Feb. 18th 2014 to 285 on my last weigh in which was Sunday and I still plan on losing another 40 to 60 pounds before I’m done. When you have weight to lose, it can come off pretty quick with the right diet and workout. Another 600-700 calorie protein shake at 3 a.m. A 600-calorie protein shake and a protein bar at 4:45 a.m. After his first workout of the day he drank a 300-calorie Gatorade protein shake. Emily Kaplan of recently caught up with Hardwick — whose life now includes yoga classes, kale salads, and lemon water — and the two discussed what he had to eat to become big enough to play in the NFL. BTW for those who watch ESPN, Colts former C Saturday looks fantastic and he too lost a bunch of weight. He knew he had to lose the weigh immediately or it would become harder to do later on. Hardwick’s listed weight was 305 pounds, although according to Michael Gehlken of U-T San Diego, Hardwick had slimmed down to 293 pounds in September when the Chargers’ season began. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. But by no means do I assume I've arrived in Happyville. After even more meetings, Hardwick would go home and eat with his wife, Jayme.

Posted on June 13, 2020 June 13, 2020 by Tricia Webster. Even an offensive lineman. I think he now weighs less than Chris Hardwick. The portions those guys eat is incredible, along with working out 6 hours a day putting on muscle….it’s good to bit heavy because you are much harder to move….it’s like bench pressing 220 versus 320…..that’s why defensive linemen have to be thinner….they have to run AROUND the offensive linemen, not through them.

I’m into fitness and let me say this: he simply stopped taking “gas” i.e. Mid-morning he would drink a 700-calorie protein shake. Alan Faneca had a similar weight loss after retirement and seems to be doing great. I’m jealous of his metabolism (and discipline) to lose that kind of weight. Jeff Saturday and Matt Light come to mind. He snacked on mixed nuts during film sessions. Lost 100 pounds and when he showed up to the facility during camp his former teammates couldn’t believe it. cowboys1993 says: Who says bigger is better. Here's what it was like. Anything additional just accelerates it. Emily Kaplan of recently caught up with Hardwick — whose life now includes yoga classes, kale salads, and lemon water — and the two discussed what he had to eat to become big enough to play in the NFL. It’s ultimately this,” Hardwick says, his relaxed demeanor sharpening into the focus of a fitness coach. As he gets up to leave the salad joint, the busboy comes running over. But as far as Paleo is concerned… give me a break. “Me being the obsessive guy I am, I’d also do weird things,” he says. Once he decided to retire, Hardwick said he wanted "a magazine six-pack [and] to look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club." “I was disgusting,” he said. Im a big dude and I cycle on & off and know what i’m talking about…. I wanted to detach from society and go rogue.”, To regroup, Hardwick began focusing on the things most important to him: his sons Hudson, 3, and Ted 1; his wife; a potential career in broadcasting; and his role as a leader in the community. Simply switching to a healthy and reasonable diet and regular exercise can cause massive changes in body weight and body fat percentage in these men. Throw in some incentives and make sure the fat guys who make your league entertaining stay alive longer and avoid weight related diseases. “I wanted a magazine six-pack, to look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club. Lunch in the cafeteria meant a big salad, with as much protein as possible piled on top. Most NFL linemen keep much of the weight on or even add weight post NFL career and spending their lives debilitated by diabetes, heart disease, joint problems and high blood pressure.


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