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Narendra Modi’s life has been a journey of courage, compassion and constant hardwork. He died in 1989. The couple was estranged after a few days of their marriage. At the age of 17 he left home to travel across India. While you are pursuing a professional or business goal, also cultivate some good habits that will sustain you in the long run. He implemented many schemes to control corruption in the state government departments and favored privatization. Shri Narendra Modi as India’s Prime Minister brings with him a rich and hands-on experience as one of India’s most successful Chief Ministers and one of its finest of Administrators. Modi has been the chief minister of Gujarat for four consecutive terms. Hailing from a tea-selling family is not at all a thing to be shy of and imbibing values from a Chowkidar should not be looked as a lesser thing. Narendra Modi’s transition from the world of Political Organizing to the realm of Administration and Governance neither had the luxury of time nor the benefit of training. BJP central leaders were not happy with the performance of chief minister Keshubhai Patel. The finest manifestation of Shri Modi’s philosophy of “Minimum Government, Maximum Governance” is his Pancha-Amrut construct for convergent Governance. © 2019. thetruepicture. Young Modi wanted to join the Army, He wanted to study in the Sainik School but couldn’t join because of the family poor position and financial problems.
Narendra Modi father name is Damodardas Mulchand Modi, He ran a tea stall near Vadnagar Railway Station. At a young age, Modi got married to Jashoda Ben. It is an arranged marriage and The marriage was forced on Modi by his parents. For two years he travelled across the expansive landscape of India exploring various cultures. Diversity also means voices of all kinds and hues. Narendra Modi went underground and frequently traveled across Gujarat to avoid arrest and to protest against government decisions. Narendra Modi was the third of six children in the Family. From CM to PM is also another hardworking journey.

Modi’s life teaches us to be proud about of our humble beginnings and grow from there. When Modi was at it, there were certainly thousands of things happened in India that perhaps made him think that he can’t act as an agent of change in such an atmosphere. ... — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) October 15, 2020. In 1975, prime minister Indira Gandhi imposed “Emergency” across the country. Narendra Modi’s inspiring life journey to the Office of Prime Minister began in the by-lanes of Vadnagar, a small town in North Gujarat’s Mehsana district. Nevertheless, he chose one reason to stick to public life. Modi always prefers to put his signature in Hindi. As he turns 69 today, an interesting way to analyse his personality would be to know what makes him such a widely loved leader.
Modi was the longest serving chief minister of Gujarat of 13 years and he had not taken a single holiday in his whole tenure.

As a child he was also fond of swimming. The Congress party and media are continuously mocked Narendra Modi about his role in the 2002 riots before every election.

He went for the elections in the same year, BJP got a massive victory and Modi was re-elected as the Chief Minister of Gujarat for the second time. Download Narendra Modi Mobile App, Give a Missed Call to 1800 20 90 920 This is the lesson one should draw from Modi’s life journey. In his second term, Modi did not focus on religious politics or religious issues. When he returned home he was a changed man with a clear aim of what he wanted to achieve in life. Mr. Modi’s thoughts and dreams as a child were quite removed from how most children of his age thought. Modi did his schooling from Vadnagar. They lift the Visa ban after Modi becoming Prime Minister. In this term, Modi launched Vibrant Gujarat program to attract corporate and investors to invest in Gujarat and the state government made their policies to be business-friendly. Post this train incident, communal violence started in several places of Gujarat which was lasted for five days. He was widely regarded as one of the most powerful & influenced prime minister in India. Narendra Modi family is very poor, In childhood, Modi worked with his father who sells tea at the Vadnagar railway station and also he ran a tea stall along with his brother near Vadnagar bus station. Modi’s life teaches us to be proud about of our humble beginnings and grow from there. Every year he does fasting for 9 days during Navratri. It was carrying a large number of Karsevak’s (Hindu Pilgrims or Ram Devotees) who were returning from the Ayodhya. The BJP center replaced Narendra Modi in the place of Keshubhai Patel. Once he went to Ramakrishna Mission ashram to become a sanyasi, But Swami Atmasthananda told him he should work for people, Sanyasi life is not for him. From time to time media created some ‘rebels’, ‘youth icons’ and gave a great amount of time to them to attack Modi. His performance is reflected in the many Awards his government received from both National and International media. When they struck our heroes at Pulwama, Pakistan built up their forces on the ground around the LoC to foil any surgical strike attempts. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Two train bogies were completely damaged with the fire and 59 people died and several persons were injured. Narendra Modi’s formative years taught him early tough lessons as he balanced his studies, non-academic life to spare time to work at the family owned Tea Stall as the family struggled to make ends meet. Pakistan certainly did not expect what would happen next.

At a very young age he had decided to devote his life in service of the people. Narendra Modi married to Jashodaben Modi when he was in his teenage. She is married to Hasmukhbhai who was a retired LIC officer. RSS is a national patriotic organization which promotes Indian culture and moral values of civil society and also RSS offers selfless moral service to the nation with volunteers. As PM Modi …

They replied with a terrorist attack. Modi was forced to step down as the chief minister due to the pressure from the opposition and his own party officials.

Modi was the first Prime Minister of India to be born in independent India. At the age of 8, Modi joined RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh). Modi wax statue was unveiled at London’s Madame Tussaud museum. In election campaigns, the Indian Congress party targeted Modi by linking 2002 Gujarat riots and portrayed him as a right-wing extremist leader. It takes no effort to turn into a cynic and argue that higher values such as integrity have nothing to do with success or enriching anyone’s life.

In 2013 Modi was named the BJP’s Prime Minister Candidate.

In the election campaign, Modi promised to curb the corruption and mock the Congress party with their major scams and corruption scandals. His life journey gives strength to millions."

As a Sambhag Pracharak Modi worked in many cities in Gujarat and also went to other states. She was a retired school teacher. It was in September 2001 that Mr. Modi received a phone call from then Prime Minister Vajpayee which opened a new chapter in his life taking him from the rough and tumble of Organizational Politics to the world of Governance. Modi journey from a humble background to achieving the greatest position is inspirational and incredible. Hailing from a tea-selling family is not at all a thing to be shy of and imbibing values from a Chowkidar should not be looked as a lesser thing. After the tremendous people’s verdict in 2019, all those ‘icons’ have disappeared from public discourse while Modi has only grown in stature. During this term, many industries such as Tata Motors came to Gujarat and established their companies in Gujarat. He graduated from Delhi University and he completed masters in political science from Gujarat University. Here Are Facts, How Characters from the Ramayana Give us the Timeless Essence of Life, Six Life Lessons from PM Modi’s Life That Can Help Any of Us, Mahamilawat: Confusion and Contradictions, THE IMAGINED ‘COMING OF AGE’ OF RAHUL GANDHI, EVALUATING RAHUL ON THE BASIS OF HIS STATEMENTS, UPA Vs. NDA: From Bad Economics To Good Economics, From Zojila to Sela to Kolkata – How India’s Tunnel Projects Are Easing Lives and Adding Strategic Depth, Farm Reforms Show Encouraging Initial Trends in Direct Marketing of Farmers Produce, Bihar Elections and Lives of Poor – A Deciding Factor, A Welcome Viral Moment – Spark of People-friendly Administration in Uttar Pradesh. It was a tough routine for Narendra Modi in Ahmedabad since 1972 when he became a Pracharak for RSS. An Initiative of Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Portfolios of the Union Council of Ministers, The same year Modi was appointed as BJP general secretary. His government has failed to restore the damage which was happened during the Gujarat earthquake (Bhuj earthquake) and at the same time Keshubhai Patel was suffering from health problems and he could not handle the administration alone. History was scripted in the forecourt of Rashtrapati Bhawan on the evening of 26th May 2014 as Narendra Modi took oath as the Prime Minister of India after a historic mandate from the people of India. The major achievement of the Modi government is bringing the electricity to every village in Gujarat which was widely appreciated by the whole nation.

He was highly influenced by the works of Swami Vivekananda which laid the foundation of his journey towards spiritualism and which inspired him to pursue the mission to fulfill Swamiji’s dream of making India a Jagat Guru. People at large heard about him when he became Gujarat Chief Minister. While continuing to shoulder different responsibilities within the Sangh during the 1980s Narendra Modi emerged as an Organizer exemplar with his organizing skills.


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