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Horror film of the year? “Midsommar” was quickly criticized by viewers on social media for its stigmatizing, dangerous and problematic portrayal of bipolar disorder in the film. Directed by Ari Aster. And arrives at a place of calm acceptance. Does it matter? If you love horror movies, a trip to a “sinister, dread-soaked nightmare” pagan commune in a faraway land may be the terrifying escape you … To portray someone who is ill as a murderer was fucked up in Midsommar. I haven’t really seen anyone mention this but I really didn’t like the depiction of bipolar in Midsommar. About a third of people with mental illness included in the study said loved ones acted differently around them following negative media coverage. This particular scene lasts about four seconds, but changes the entire emotion of the film. The colors are richer and more intense—you can almost feel the heat of the neverending sun. Negative portrayals of mental illness in film and TV can prevent people from seeking help, which The Mighty’s Mental Health Editor Juliette Virizi discussed in her article, “How ‘American Horror Story’ Profits Off Mental Health Stereotypes“: The way horror films depict psychiatry is such a big deal because these stereotypes don’t stay confined to the film genre. Did Aster intend for Midsommar to be a comedy? People carry these stereotypes with them — whether they realize it or not — and it can have an effect on help-seeking behavior. Midsommar may be dividing audiences, but its reviews are overwhelmingly positive. mins but Oof It’s 2019 How About We Not. Still, Nicolas Winding Refn makes gorgeous films and most of them are entirely forgettable. May Queens, maypoles and flower crowns are familiar elements of many real-life midsummer rituals. Some have criticised Dani’s decisions in the film, but those decisions are not really her own any more. Native Swedes will have a better idea when it comes to the local lore. And why did the Londoners Connie and Simon have to die? It is possibly more instructive to detail differences than similarities between Midsommar and definitive folk horror The Wicker Man. It is devastating how little hope she is given here, but that feels realistic for a character in her predicament. Dani would be Dorothy, obviously. Aster made another intriguing comparison last year when he described Midsommar as a “Wizard of Oz for perverts”. For many viewers, however, the real horror of the film “Midsommar” was how it portrayed bipolar disorder. The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw likened Midsommar to Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now in its treatment of grief and presentiment. Her male companions could well be analogues of the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow and the Tin Man. Others, though, appear unable to watch a film without resorting to the old standard applied to anything good looking in cinema. Frequently, the same people insist that a film’s characters should talk more, forgetting that cinema is a visual medium and sound is just one course of an elaborate, meticulous feast. So let’s see if we can decipher some of them, process our feelings and collectively repair our frayed nerves. If you love horror movies, a trip to a “sinister, dread-soaked nightmare” pagan commune in a faraway land may be the terrifying escape you need.For many viewers, however, the real horror of the film “Midsommar” was how it portrayed bipolar disorder. For a character who is suffering so much that she only smiles at death. People with mental illness rarely commit violent crimes but are 10 times more likely to be a crime victim compared to the general population. What begins as an idyllic retreat quickly devolves into an increasingly violent and … So many movies feed into Midsommar. It is a bullshit cult. Those living with bipolar disorder also have a higher risk of dying by suicide as opposed to hurting others. Bipolar is severely misunderstood and already struggles with immense stigmatisation. Even the worse-than-death fate of Simon in the chicken coop is based on legends of a gory Norse practice known as the “blood eagle”. The portrayal of bipolar disorder just feels like a major step back, fuelling further stigma for ppl living with it. How often do the people of Hårga do this? To portray someone who is ill as a murderer was fucked up in Midsommar. For what it’s worth, I adore Midsommar. In both movies, a grief-stricken woman with mental health issues finds herself a pawn in the grand scheme of some sinister, ancient clan dedicated to perpetuating itself at all costs. As sure as night follows day – or, in the case of Midsommar, day follows day – people have taken against the horror film of the year. What a film that is, trekking behind a group of women heading somewhere that's gorgeous at first, but becomes their enemy. — Tasha Hinde (@tashahinde) July 10, 2019, not a spoiler, or if it is I wish I had known going in, but jk the worst part of midsommar was actually the treatment of disabled people + bipolar disorder! Advocates work to bring more accurate information about people living with mental health issues, but as Twitter users pointed out, “Midsommar” is evidence that mental health stereotypes are still alive and well in the horror genre. What Ari Aster‘s new folk-horror film might … Or do they do this every year for Midsommar? Certainly in the cinema I went to, there were moments that had the whole house laughing: the recorder-playing villagers who greet the newcomers; Christian’s utterly bonkers sex scene with the red-haired woman (and friends); pretty much every line Mark says. Even if you’re not into deciphering the puzzles, Midsommar is a powerful study of grief, betrayal, breakups, and more. White nationalism, racial purity, eugenics, incest – something rotten at the heart of western civilisation? Or are the villagers’ ancient pagan traditions actually far-right beliefs dressed up in folksy costumes? Annihilation was, to me, about depression, how we suffer and seek to self-destroy, finding beauty and pain side by side all the time. A ‘Wizard of Oz for perverts’, exposing the rotten heart of western civilisation, or a bad trip comedy? Midsommar is an outrageous black-comic carnival of agony, starring charismatic Florence Pugh in a comely robe and floral headdress. After this and Hereditary, does director Ari Aster deserve to be crowned our new king of horror? They label Ari Aster’s quiet epic as style over substance, a criticism that has damned directors from Terrence Malick to Sofia Coppola. Maybe we’re not meant to understand. And if so, do these moments detract from the horror, or complement it? Either way, as with Hereditary, Midsommar feels like a highly considered piece of storytelling beneath the craziness – technically precise, meticulously designed, dense with allusions, clues, references and riddles. Great, weird film directors have long been judged as being style over substance: Malick, Sofia Coppola, and now Aster. In which case, wouldn’t people have noticed quite a few foreign tourists going missing in a remote part of Sweden over the years? In Midsommar, a couple in turmoil and on the verge of break-up travel to Sweden with their friends to experience the midsummer festivities of a rural commune. Terms, How ‘American Horror Story’ Profits Off Mental Health Stereotypes, questioned its portrayal of mental illness. But like so many of the other big directors of the moment, argues Jonathan Dean, Aster has proved he knows how to use every tool in the cinematic box. Some have complained that Midsommar’s horror is undercut by its over-the-top ridiculousness, and therefore it’s not as scary as it is trying to be. People with these types of disorders are way more likely to hurt themselves than the people around them. Should we be laughing? With Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, Vilhelm Blomgren, William Jackson Harper.


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