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Agostino "Dino" De Laurentiis was an Italian-American film producer. "Film: By Stephen King, 'Maximum Overdrive'". Damon Killian | Worse still, the movie never really builds up any momentum or jars us with unexpected jolts of horror." Phil Bushey, Word Processor of the Gods He is also known for Repo Man, The Mighty Ducks and its sequels, Stakeout and Another Stakeout, Maximum Overdrive, Bobby, and his performances in Western films such as Young Guns and its sequel Young Guns II. Bill and Brett, a hitchhiker, rush to help them, but the trucks attack them. However, Bubba Hendershot, the Dixie Boy's owner, launches a rocket and destroys the bulldozer. After the gas station is depleted of fuel, Bill decides to eliminate the Mule in order to safely free themselves out of the Dixie Boy. Night Shift is the first collection of short stories by Stephen King, first published in 1978. Employee and ex-convict Bill Robinson begins to suspect something is wrong.

Surprisingly, this was the only grinding necessary on the case to get it to fit. Roggete, Big Driver Species Estevez started his career as an actor and is known for being a member of the acting Brat Pack of the 1980s, appearing in The Breakfast Club, St. Elmo's Fire, and The Outsiders. A waitress, Wanda June, is injured by an electric … While the crew is resting, Robinson theorizes that the comet is actually a "broom" operated by interstellar aliens that are using our machines to destroy humanity so the aliens can repopulate the Earth. Barton George Dawes | Gearstar matched the yoke up with beefy 1350 U-joints.

[2] In a 2002 interview with Tony Magistrale for the book Hollywood's Stephen King, King stated that he was "coked out of [his] mind all through its production, and [he] really didn't know what [he] was doing". Bill Robinson rallies the survivors; they use a cache of guns found hidden under the diner. The screenplay was inspired by and loosely based on King's short story "Trucks", which was included in the author's first collection of short stories, Night Shift . 11/22/63 The M274 Mule is a machine gun-armed military vehicles that is one of many inanimate electronic machines influenced by a menacing eldritch comet's energy and a minor antagonist in the 1986 comedy horror film Maximum Overdrive.

He Who Walks Behind the Rows, Christine M247 Mule The 9th Stinkers Bad Movie Awards were released by the Hastings Bad Cinema Society in 1987 to honour the worst films the film industry had to offer in 1986. Sisters, Roadwork Can shoot machine gun on its own The story is based on the Monte Carlo Rally – first raced in 1911 – and the film recalls this general era, set in the 1920s. Charles Brady |

"People are very intimidated by the 4L85E.

Donna and Mary Lila Grace Thibodeau | Bubba Hendershot | Yeah, baby. Frank Dunning, An Apt Pupil

Later, several big rig trucks encircle the truck stop.

Nadine Cross |

Unfortunately, master manipulator Stephen King, making his directorial debut from his own script, fails to create a convincing enough environment to make the kind of nonsense he's offering here believable or fun." The film was nominated for two Golden Raspberry Awards including Worst Director for King and Worst Actor for Estevez in 1987, but both lost against Prince for Under the Cherry Moon . Furthermore, the dyno can simulate engine and driveline load-which enables precisely dialing in converter stall speed-and replicate road speeds up to 130 mph.

Christine Price | William Carey Loftin was an American professional stuntman, stunt coordinator and actor in the U.S. film industry. Since 2000, he has been the voice of HBO, and has narrated over 150 audio books, winning dozens of awards for his work. As the Earth crosses the tail of a comet, previously inanimate machines suddenly spring to life; an ATM insults a customer (King in a cameo) and a bascule bridge rises during heavy traffic, causing all vehicles upon the bridge to fall into the river or collide. Craig Toomey | The Mule relentlessly shoots some of the surviving humans, killing three truck drivers and Wanda June the waitress. Getting the electronics to work isn’t difficult at all, and you can even set it up with a full-manual valvebody which eliminates the need for a trans computer entirely. Maximum Overdrive is King's only directorial effort, though dozens of films have been based on his novels or short stories. Lloyd Henreid | He appeared in his first film, Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive, at age thirteen. Gearstar’s test mule is a 2000 Camaro SS that packs a 444ci C5R-based LS1 with AFR heads, 13.0:1 compression, a big solid-roller cam, and a 300-shot of nitrous. Billy Nolan | Gearstar removed the stock shift lever and mounted a B&M Pro Stick shifter inside the factory center console. When the trucks begin demanding more than blood (they order the humans to pump diesel), the Dixie Boy survivors realize they will become enslaved by their own machines, and they must escape to Haven Island just off the coast of North Carolina, on which no vehicles or machines are permitted. The movie opens with a shot of Earth surrounded by green fog and states that on June 19, 1987, apocalyptic mayhem ensues when a strange radiation from a closely passing rogue comet, Rhea-M, causes all manner of mechanical and electrical devices from household appliances to vehicles across the planet Earth to become sentient, self-aware and genocidal for eight days, twenty-nine minutes, and twenty-three seconds. Richard Macklin | Instead, hard-core enthusiasts often opt for track-proven three-speeds such as the TH350 and TH400. Type Captain Hollister | [6]. He is noted for the series of films he edited with director Peter Yates, for his four nominations for the Academy Award for Best Film Editing ("Oscars"), and for the "revolutionary" car chase sequence in the film Bullitt (1968) that likely won him the editing Oscar. Rose the Hat | Full Name Ellen Rimbauer, The Green Mile John Shooter, Sleepwalkers

Bill and Curtis rescue Deke, and a truck chases them back into the pipe. A lavish all-star film, it is the story of an epic car rally across Europe that involves a lot of eccentric characters from all over the world who will stop at nothing to win. Bill's boss Hendershot uses M72 LAW rockets he had stored in a bunker hidden under the diner to destroy many of the trucks. Zowie. Kill humans trapped at the Dixie Boy truckstop once gases are run out. It has received poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 5.5 and a MetaScore of 24. The True Knot, Firestarter [13], On Rotten Tomatoes the film has an approval rating of 15% based on reviews from 13 critics. For this particular swap, the mule sports an 11-inch billet 3,600-stall converter. The survivors soon realize they have become enslaved by their own machines. Previously in the film the protagonist Bill Robinson speculates a fact if the vehicles are controlled by a comet.

At a roadside truck stop just outside Wilmington, North Carolina, an employee, Duncan Keller, is blinded after a gas dispenser sprays diesel in his eyes. When built right, they can handle over 1,000 hp reliably, and best of all, transplanting one into a fourth-gen is much easier than Internet mythology suggests. His career spanned six decades and over 100 films. The Mule fires its post-mounted M60 machine gun into the building, killing several people. Sara Tidwell | Hendershot uses the rocket launcher to blow the bulldozer away. The first step in swapping the ultimate overdrive into a fourth-gen is removing the stock 4L60, which involves disconnecting the g-load brace, trans crossmember, torque arm, shifter, and driveshaft. History has proven that the swap in question is an endeavor that’s very common, yet rarely executed. The film stars James Brolin, Kathleen Lloyd, John Marley and Ronny Cox, along with real-life sisters Kim and Kyle Richards.

To accomplish this, Gearstar fabricated a custom transmission mount made from rugged 3/8-inch hardened steel that’s been powdercoated black. Elmo Blatch | From this view, it’s clear where the dust cover area of the trans case will smack into the passenger-side header if it isn’t ground down. Mounted on the passenger side of the firewall where the heater box used to be, a GM Performance Parts Transmission control computer (PN 12497316) sends electronic signals to the 4L85E. Longer and larger in diameter than the stock piece, it doubles as a filter tube as well. Since the 4L85E was designed specifically for LS-series motors, it features a boss at the top of the bellhousing-which is absent in the 4L80E-that mates with the extra dowel on LS blocks. Misanthrope Slaver. Rachel Lang | Bogs Diamond | The only cutting required was a 4-inch section of metal on the driver side of the trans tunnel just ahead of the crossmember.


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