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— The Emmys portfolio: Sophie Turner, Bill Hader, and more of TV’s biggest stars go poolside with V.F.

Since Stewart left The Daily Show, in 2015, the media landscape has been flooded with Stewart acolytes—comedian-activist hybrids, most of whom got their start as Daily Show correspondents, who specialize in emphatic monologues designed as much to effect change as they are to evoke laughs.

While our current late-night hosts have railed against the government’s many misdeeds night after night, Stewart has been able to keep his powder dry, making his outspoken anger here feel all the more powerful. -Bernie Sanders, — The Daily Wire (@realDailyWire) March 12, 2020, President Trump addressed the nation from the Oval Office Wednesday night; saying it’s time for the American people to unify and combat the Coronavirus outbreak as “one family.”. “I’m here until the bitter end!”; Alhough Jones appeared to be a bit nervous during his first hosting stint, he scored some big laughs when he described Joe Biden as “the Seinfeld of vice presidents”; for saying what everyone else is thinking. “Democrat Denver Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca says that she stands in ‘solidarity’ with someone who says that they if they get the coronavirus that they will attend as many Trump rallies as possible She appears to have made the statement on her government Twitter account,” posted a reporter with the Daily Wire. This elected Democrat in Colorado doesn't seem very nice! “I mean, does a farmer in the middle of Oklahoma really care about Jon Stewart?” Dagnes reasoned.

The disease would ultimately claim the lives of 12,000 people.

Our future remains brighter than anyone can imagine,” he added.

“I am chained to the f**king desk,”; she said, revealing that she’d handcuffed herself to it.

And this year, he returned. Yes….And does he care about firefighters who were sick, running into a building on September 11th? Between April 2009 and late 2010, US officials believe the H1N1 or ‘Swine Flu’ virus infected 60 million Americans; requiring 270,000 hospitalizations across the country. “But not much moves the needles these days.”. At a time when there is no shortage of things to be mad about, Stewart managed to make this issue—this one issue—feel like the only battleground that mattered. His testimony was impassioned, articulate, and practically destined to go viral, like a milestone segment from an old Daily Show episode. We found out last night when Stewart was out of commission due to what correspondent Jason Jones described as an illness that only affects people from New Jersey.

Does he care about firefighters? Vanity Fair may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. “History has proven time and time again, Americans always rise to the challenge and overcome adversity. — From the Archive: A Hollywood veteran recalls the time Bette Davis came at him with a kitchen knife, — The celebrity celery-juice trend is even more mystifying than you’d expect.

We must put politics aside, stop the partisanship and unify together as one nation and one family,” said the President.

jon stewart illness. The same people were less concerned with the Swine Flu Outbreak of 2009 under President Obama; with comedian Jon Stewart mocking the illness as ‘Snoutbreak ’09!’ --> The disease would ultimately claim the lives of 12,000 people. As a result, Jones stepped up to fill in for his ailing boss. He slapped his hand against the table. “Their hope is, I think for most of them, that this just goes away—that it’s not an important thing.

“The view from the south of Manhattan is now the Statue of Liberty.

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“The problem of what to call the virus, like the virus itself, is now spreading,” he quipped.

The President addressing the American public from the Oval Office Wednesday night; unveiling a series of new travel restrictions for all of Europe excluding the United Kingdom. The global Coronavirus outbreak continued to have a major impact on the American economy and sporting world Thursday; with A-list actor Tom Hanks testing positive for the disease and the NBA suspending its entire season until further notice. Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, which follows stricter rules as a broadcast franchise, also bears Stewart’s stamp—literally, in this case because Stewart is an executive producer of that show.

These men and women, and their response to it, is what brought our country back.”), Another hurdle in the race to get traction on any issue is the daily deluge of Trump stories, which clog the news cycle and make it hard for Americans to retain sustained focus on just about any one topic—a factor that might explain why Stewart’s successors in the late-night field rarely manage to spur action like Stewart has. “It’s now a matter of trying to play that card,” Ornstein said. “Actor Tom Hanks, his wife Rita Wilson, they have tested positive for Coronavirus.
“No. When it was all over, Jones quipped, “This was so much fun hosting this show. First, there’s the issue itself: helping first responders deal with grave illness is about as nonpartisan as a cause can get. MORE pics of jon with another woman., TV, 289 replies Jon of Jon and KAte +8 Reportedly living in Huntington PA, Celebrities, 42 replies Jon Stewart Obliterates McCain's Acceptance Speech, Elections, 5 replies

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On September 20, 2001, Jon Stewart asked his Daily Show audience an unusual question: Are you okay? The former Comedy Central host returned to the spotlight this week—but why did his stand against Congress feel so singular? But wait: Jones’ fellow correspondent (and fellow Canadian, not to mention spouse) Samantha Bee was also waiting in the wings to serve as substitute host, and eventually forced her way behind the desk, even reading Jones’ lines along with him in unison.

On September 20, 2001, Jon Stewart asked his Daily Show audience an unusual question: Are you okay? You betcha. And is there really a chance Stewart could get a 9/11 first responder bill funded for good? That’s not our country.’” (Stewart decried that very point in his speech Tuesday when he said, “Al Qaeda didn’t shout ‘Death to Tribeca!’ They attacked America.

“It’s the one thing they’re running out of. I now see why this guy [Stewart] never leaves.”; It’s expected that Stewart will return to the show tonight. “H1N1 flu virus? As he spoke, Stewart fiddled with his pen and even threw it at one point. Ad Choices.

Even Jimmy Kimmel, who could be described as more of a Letterman disciple than a student of Stewart, has gotten decisively political, as seen when he faced off against Republicans on health care.

What do you catch it from droids?” joked Stewart.

And right now, we’re not under the best of circumstances, so it’s even more slow going. “These people are sick,” posted Donald Trump Jr. “This elected Democrat in Colorado doesn’t seem very nice!” the Trump campaign War Room Twitter account posted in response.

"In terms of potential deaths…the crisis we face is on a scale of a major war…we also have to face the truth and that is that the number of casualties may actually be even higher than what the armed forces experienced in World War II."

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders weighed-in on the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak across the United States this week; telling reporters the “casualties” could be higher than what “the Armed Forces experienced” in the Second World War. The same people were less concerned with the Swine Flu Outbreak of 2009 under President Obama; with comedian Jon Stewart mocking the illness as ‘Snoutbreak ’09!’.

Stewart may no longer helm The Daily Show, but his influence on the late-night genre has been both indelible and undeniable.

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