jane hall, psychoanalyst
Hall is best known for her roles in Neighbours (1985), Newton's Law (2017), All Together Now (1991) and as Ann Reynolds in award winning Australian Drama series Wentworth (2013). The “single error that is most fatal to the work,” the author states, is if “the therapist gives up the wish to understand and replaces it by attempting to direct, advise, or control …” (p. 3). National Committee on Psychoanalysis Conference, 2003. Although she describes a variety of transference-countertransference constellations, she chooses to highlight sadomasochistic enactments as a vehicle to demonstrate in bold relief the intensity, the depth, and the perseverance of the drama of transference as animated in the therapeutic relationship. A founder of the New York School for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, Hall was first director of the Psychotherapy Track at NYFS. In psychoanalytic work, understanding how echoes of the past resonate with and shape the present provides opportunities to resolve crippling conflicts and make new choices. 221-223]. Early on she introduces us to Mr. M, the patient she presents in depth later in the book, with whom she was drawn into the vortex of his internalized sadomasochistic self and object world: “Killing people’s hopes, including his own, was the basis of his lifestyle” (p. 58). Participants: Garcia Badaracco (Argentina,) Ken Eisold (New York,) and Leo Rangell (Los Angeles). Click here to see this selected list of presentations in a pdf downloadable file. Toronto, ON. It describes a special kind of respect for the patient and the latent meanings of the patient’s manifest utterances, and it stresses the use of the transference as a prime tool in deepening the treatment. Jane Hall is an Australian comedian, actor, voice artist and presenter. Cincinnati Psychoanalytic Institute, 2010. A: I'm a psychoanalyst. New York City Metropolitan Area. Jane Hall Recruitment Consultant at Search Consultancy. As provoked as she felt, she had invested years of time, energy, and hope in Mr. M, and seeing him depart affected her deeply [pp. *in the service of brevity I will use ‘her’ and ‘she’ instead of ‘he/she’ and ‘his/her’ throughout this web site. Contemporary Freudian Society, 2000 to present. Panel Chair for presentations to the Society of Clinical Social Workers, 1985. The therapist had to ask herself why she kept persevering, and she thought that it was some combination of not wanting to give up, pity, hatred, her own masochism, and on some level, her horror at the story of this man’s childhood. Work with masochistic patients almost always evokes the therapist’s anger and sadism. In Jane Hall’s Roadblocks on the Journey of Psychotherapy, we hear the voice of a veteran psychotherapist and an unremitting message that it is only “the therapist’s commitment to the process and her courage as a guide” (p. 2) that makes it possible for psychotherapy to succeed in the face of powerful obstacles to change—roadblocks that are created by both patient and therapist. Jane Hall Ecommerce Specialist at Tata Consultancy Services. 665 others named Jane Hall are on LinkedIn. Here we see the humanity of a therapist whose best efforts of “empathy, responsibility, and genuine benevolent curiosity” (p. 3) may end in therapeutic impasse or failure. The following is a conversation between two diners at a neighborhood restaurant: Q: What kind of work do you do? My goal is to demystify psychoanalytic work so that more people can have an idea about what to expect from the psychoanalyst and psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapist. Almost everyone who crosses the therapist’s threshold is looking for a second chance — a shot at living a richer, less restricted life.


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