how accurate are black boxes in cars

He was given a $555 ticket; he later said he had fallen asleep. The black box, however, derailed Ms. Niemeyer’s assertion that her husband had been traveling fast enough for the air bag to deploy. That provides a wealth of information for auto-safety analysts and accident investi­gators, who can evaluate how a vehicle performed in very specific crash circumstances. And the trove of data inside the boxes has raised privacy concerns, including questions about who owns the information, and what it can be used for, even as critics have raised questions about its reliability. The boxes have long been used by car companies to assess the performance of their vehicles. There was some nervous laughter when colleagues joked that accident reconstruction engineers would soon be out of business. The car’s device records much less information – there is no global positioning system information or voice recorder or anything personally identifying the driver or occupants. Electronic crash data is a new and powerful source of evidence for the accident reconstruction engineer, but like traditional pieces of evidence it needs to be properly documented and interpreted to be useful. State Farm’s website says that the data is used only to calculate a driver’s discount. Some can retain information from each time the system activates, even if it does not deploy air bags.

Ten years ago, MEA bought the first publicly available system for downloading the electronic crash data stored in black boxes in cars. Create a commenting profile by providing an email address, password and display name. window.MSPAN = { "But it’s useful to aggregate data,” he continued. If the page does not reload within 5 seconds, please refresh the page. But to consumer advocates, the data is only the latest example of governments and companies having too much access to private information. var date = new Date(); Collecting this information can help the vehicle manufacturer know if the crash was caused by a preventable human error or a mechanical failure in their system. It is connected to either the port a mechanic might use to diagnose an engine problem, usually underneath the driver’s side of the dashboard, or if that is damaged, then directly to the event data recorder itself, which is usually bolted under the dash or beneath the center console. Russ Rader, spokesman for the Information Institute for Highway Safety, said event data recorders also play an important role in research. Moreover, we often willingly trade that data for increased safety and convenience. The devices have become increasingly complex as they’ve become more popular and now can show, in a crash with multiple impacts, which one happened first, according to Bosch, the company that manufactures the data retrieval tool and software. Reconstructing an accident with electronic crash data, Effect of temperature on the hot deformation behavior of AZ80 magnesium alloy, Quantifying the uncertainty in tribometer measurements on walkway surfaces, Variability of friction measurements using three common walkway tribometers, Characterization of closed-die forged AZ31B under pure axial and pure shear loading, Accuracy of speed change measured by event data recorders during oblique offset frontal impacts, The Role of Driver-Assistance Technology in Accident Reconstruction, Autonomous vehicle braking: still a bit hit and miss, The bike helmet: A life saver with limitations, Analysis of injury and human factors in pedestrian-car crashes, Helicopter Crashes Caused by Freewheel Disengagements.
You cannot delete the recording, disable or turn off the box. var cookies = document.cookie.split('; '); The tool is a bright green box that makes a copy of the information stored in the recorder. }; Data captured by the box include speed, steering direction, brakes and seat belt use, front seat positions and how abruptly a vehicle slows – a fact that can indicate the severity of impact. The stated purpose of the Black Box in your car is to prevent future crashes, just like with airplanes. It’s not possible for just anyone to access your Black Box data. A more immediate benefit is that the crash data can also help first responders decide where to send a crash victim for treatment. These laws will probably evolve as more cars on the road end up having a black box and methods of data collection and analysis improve, but it can be a good idea to know where you stand with your car data right now.

if (!cookieName.test(document.cookie)) { All rights reserved. Mr. Murray, then the lieutenant governor of Massachusetts, was not seriously hurt, and he told the police he was wearing a seat belt and was not speeding. That software needs to be updated every year, Hanna said.

If your car is not on it and is not a 2014 or later model, you can assume you do not have a black box. Holly, MI 48442 Car manufacturers want access because they want to know what’s exactly going on with your car if it crashes.

} val = parseInt(cookies[i].split('=')[1]); (function() { Hanna would not discuss the Casco case because it is pending. Often we are retained after the data is gone. The data can be accessed only by connecting a special reader to the car. “Our goal is to attract good drivers and keep them as customers for a long time,” Pratt said. And it’s not clear what data is collected and what is done with it. There are only fifteen states that have specific laws about who and when entities can pull crash data recorder information from your car. In many cars, the on-board computer module which records crash data must be replaced after the airbags have deployed. Automakers are looking for ways to make money from the data by matching personal information with advertising. Most modern cars have an event data recorder that records information about the vehicle’s operation in the moments before, during and after a crash. “The rabbit hole goes very deep when talking about this stuff,” said Thomas Kowalick, an expert in event data recorders and a former co-chairman of the federal committee that set the standard for black boxes.

Insurance black boxes have been hailed as a breakthrough for young motorists. They can expedite help from first responders when there’s a crash, help the police track down a stolen vehicle, and find nearby gas stations or restaurants. Does black box insurance actually make our roads safer? The safety administration’s regulations will help enable universal access to the data by using a commercially available tool.


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