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I wonder sometimes if they are missing things in the music, or they might not know the specifics. So we just do us. Benny collaborated with lyrical hip-hop emeritus Black Thought and drug rap legend Pusha T on The Plugs I Met, and Conway’s work ethic has remained steady with three projects released this year. More than anything, Conway values technique. The third is on a 2017 hip-hop blog post detailing crime rap trio Griselda’s debut single for Shady Records. I can sit in here and talk to you, then turn around and go to New Era, then turn around and sit with Nike, turn around and sit with Purple Denim, go out to the West Coast have a meeting in the cannabis business. People want to know! Like, they got to be from a place that's the dark and cold. That's what make us smarter than other people. Everybody have a great life off of street rap and boom bap. But I mean, when it really come down to it, we have the largest body of work in the shortest amount of time. Griselda Records is an American record label based in Buffalo, New York.It was founded by rappers and brothers Westside Gunn and Conway in 2014. Whe what we doing is like, you got people — I mean middle America and all over the world — tattooing our logos and faces and s*** on they skin.
Benny: Chine Gun is my older brother, and their cousin. We only do good business and people respect that. Real s***. “I looked at it like it’s your new trademark… Some people could look at it like as beautiful. © 2020 Vox Media, LLC. Griselda has warranted comparisons from fans and themselves to Wu-Tang Clan because of their self-sustaining business minds and their music’s makeup: production that balances psychedelics and physicality and lyrics that convincingly suggest they’d go back to the streets if the rap money isn’t right (Benny is straightforward on “Cruiser Weight Coke”: “I'ma be stackin' and weighin' up soon as I feel like this rap s--t don't pay enough”). Conway: Boom bap is, you know what I'm saying, it's the beat. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

We kind of mix both because even over the boom bap, you know, we still kicking street s***. “I just felt like this album … I wanted to make a statement, I wanted to make an impact, I wanted to rap my ass off,” he begins. I don't know no other crew that really been through what we been through and still can sit here and smile and have billboards in Times Square and look like — we look like we got a hit song on the radio right now! Painting murals all over the country, all over the world, graf artists and all that. That’s what it was like: If you needed somewhere to go or to get out of the streets, you went there.”. Anything we really tap into is well respected by the majors. (“I want to be included in this class of extraordinary gentlemen,” Conway says with a slight laugh.) You have to play the game smart. The Griselda rapper told people to "relax" over rumors that she's with YFN Lucci. Westside: And it still sounds amazing. Family, magic, and sacrifice are redefined in a packed, fitfully brilliant final hour. Like to my family. Or you can't sample on the projects that are going out through Shady. But the street rap is the Pusha T, the Jeezy. The record label draws its name from notorious drug lord Griselda Blanco. Griselda could have came out in the '90s. Somebody who listens to a lot of the music knows exactly what that means. For them, respect is just as crucial of a currency as numbers. Because a lot of people that rap over boom bap, you know, they really wasn't prison guys or they really never sold drugs. So I kinda was numb to it. They didn't know how to kind of — like, "Is this cool to accept? Conway: It's a feel-good story. Conway the Machine on From King to a GOD and how he, Westside Gunn, and Benny the Butcher put upstate New York rap on the map with Griselda Records. We got a lot more chapters, man. Can we sit next to this s***?' Birds (Official Video) Directed by Hype Williams . Crafting one of rap’s most anticipated releases and working with legends like Method Man, Havoc of Mobb Deep, DJ Premier, and Erick Sermon is a far cry from the early days of Conway’s career. He’s the namesake of Griselda’s major label debut, WWCD (What Would Chine Do). We made our own shot,” Benny add. Neither is stealing the show from his flamboyant cousin Westside Gunn on three separate features on Supreme Blientele.

Everything, at the end of the day — the goods and bads is a part of the story. It was founded by rapper Westside Gunn in 2012. It's fun music and I enjoy it. [I have] his whole face tattooed over my heart. The Butcher is coming, and The Butcher is unstoppable. Maybe using one song that comes to mind? Kelley: Well, I have a question about nothing changing when you're on a major. We don't focus on nothing else but just being the best that we can be. A lot of people from Buffalo haven't even been outside of Buffalo. Holding his own with veteran dope boys Black Thought and Pusha-T on the same project should be all the proof we need. We ain't really seen nothing like that since the Clan. So the teenagers now, you gotta think — they they Milly rocking and they making "Thriller" videos. Stay out.
Scarface, Kool G Rap, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest. So like he said, it was a survival thing.


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