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When your ever-searching finger -Echo (o_o). They are strangling someone - the other person's neck is the metaphorical "button marked Erase"--Pittsburghmuggle (talk) 15:47, 18 February 2015 (EST), I think that this is a song starting over. What is a sidewalk for? --Flac (talk) 12:00, July 26 2015 (EST). When darlings must be murdered - it could be that Linnell doubled back on a literary reference to mean actual murder. Holocaust connection to modern mass killings, What a great way to begin the Dial-A-Song (2015) project! The use of the word "button" emphasizes how simply and easily their lives may be forgotten. But the orange sweater lyric refers specifically to wanting to let go, but not having yet been able to (as taking off the sweater would seem a simple thing to do, remains inexplicably undone).

A box could be obfuscating the term "boxcar". Beautiful line.

This category has only the following subcategory. The singer discovers that his ex is going to erase memories of their relationship, and as the song goes on, he contemplates doing the same. Everyone gets on the bus out of town Return The skeletons won't stay down, and the heartbreak goes from overcoming their heart to being something they can't even face. The opening line sounds like its an obvious reference to a situation where a break-up has taken place but one party still has feelings for the other. Love the song, and I hope this tune about strangulation doesn't morph into a kids' tune. This line refers to your brain deciding that all the obsession which led to the drinking which led to further weeping obsession about the situation is all just too much and too pointless to keep, so it stops transferring things from your short term memory to your long, resulting in the blackout. The song instructs the listener to "think of this as solving problems." The mercy kill that can't be drowned" When I get it off of me

And whilst the next line might appear to be a reference to how a moving present might exist in a relativistic universe, but instead of going on a tangent about temporal philosophy I'll refer it instead to the drunken narrator's subconscious deciding that dealing with the pain and the alcohol simultaneously is just not feasible, and so provides the Ego with the answer to the pain it was searching for which is to forget it (by blacking out). Finds the button marked erase, Finger find the button marked erase When it's as it someday is/It always will have been the case, When darlings must be murdered/When your heartbreak overwhelms your heart/When your heartbreak overrides the very/Thing you can not face One by one, Finger find the button marked erase The 'button marked erase' that literally clears everything, the (maybe moving?)

Then you return with the next A number of other images in this song imply starting over: the disappearing box on the sidewalk, the people getting in a bus and leaving town, ignoring "shrill alarms" that say you shouldn't be getting rid of the ideas...and so on. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It’s so easy: “find the button marked erase” and make it go away; “ignore the shrill alarms,” “see the way the deep-sea diver falls into the mermaid’s arms” - don’t fight it. But just as you're realizing this your brain gets on the bus out of town and bulbs lighting your memory/awareness of the situation go out one by one. The skeletons could be a sad acknowledgement that in all of the genocides that have been perpetrated, the graves, the skeletons, the evidence never stays completely hidden, as has been documented today in the middle east were families have returned to find relatives' skeletons, clothing, etc. Falling into a mermaid's embrace

All these pains you take will eventually lead you deeper, like into a metaphorical mermaid's embrace at the bottom of the sea. Everyone gets on the bus out of town "you'll forget about my orange sweater".

The old adage of "kill your darlings" is referenced (thanks to a Facebook comment for helping me come up with that link). From the perspective of the perpetrators, mass killings could be a regrettable action that must be taken for a twisted goal they have in mind. Here are my connections, following the order of the lyrics.

The skeletons that won't stay down/The mercy kill that can't be drowned. When darlings must be murdered Guitar Tab:(She Was A) Hotel Detective (Single Mix), Guitar Tab:(She Was A) Hotel Detective In The Future, Guitar Tab:An Insult To The Fact Checkers. That should never have occurred That's when we enter the repetitive lyrics continually referring to erasing everything. And the first one's gone" On I won't wear an orange sweater That is such an ugly word" -- Sonderling (talk) 10:58, 7 January 2015 (EST), This sounds like this is a person in the process of killing their former lover/friend/whatever. They are strangling someone - the other person's neck is the metaphorical "button marked Erase"--Pittsburghmuggle 15:47, 18 February 2015 (EST) A song about starting over .

That's about it...except for this: when this started rolling around in my head, on a lark, I thought about checking to see if there was a connection to the Nazi concentration camps. I won't wear an orange sweater/When I get it off of me When it's as it someday is It always will have been the case When your ever-searching finger Finds the button marked erase As the song ends, the words begin to become stilted, reflecting the fading memories, which are now like "lights going out one by one" or "putting a box on the side walk" (this line also might refer to a lover moving out of an apartment). Sounds like a futility of life thing to me. Falls into the mermaid's arms See also: Category:Bass Tabs, Category:Drum Tabs.

Boxes on the sidewalk disappearing as new ones are being brought?

--MisterMe (talk) 08:35, 6 January 2015 (EST), I really hope that, once the year is up, they make all of these Dial-A-Songs into an album. Though I like the suicide idea, when i first heard this it immediately struck me as sort of a companion (or prologue) to Let Me Tell You About My Operation. This is confirmed in the final lines of the song as the repetition keeps going, but we've now lost all of the initiating feelings because the loop is all that is important. What matters is that it takes things past just the alcohol experience of blacking out and describing the inevitable repetition of the turning to alcohol to drown feelings that just won't die. Please don't call it strangulation, Guitar Tab:Brainwashing Our Fighting Boys, Guitar Tab:Cast Your Pod To The Wind (Song), Guitar Tab:Don't Let's Start (Single Mix), Guitar Tab:Eight Hundred And Thirteen Mile Car Trip, Guitar Tab:Everything Is Catching On Fire, Guitar Tab:Everything Right Is Wrong Again, Guitar Tab:Happy Doesn't Have To Have An Ending, But above it was suggested that it could mean an acceptance of death.

And the first one's gone

It's wonderful lyricism, but I looked for superstitions of deep sea divers, and sailors, but nothing fits.

Since I can't/wouldn't go further into my friends' personal experiences in this regard I'll have to replace some explanation by describing my own past experiences diving deep undersea and falling into the mermaid's embrace of alcohol itself to the extent where it causes a blackout.

All of the metaphors in the chorus are about erasing what was there and starting anew. And the lights start going out one by one, Button marked erase Then you return with the next I can't help but imagine Linnell sitting there trying to come up with song #49 later this year going, "I've already written so many songs, what more can I do?" This line describes Aaron's motives in Primer but that doesn't matter. When we shed our memory For the sake of pleasantry I'll not go into how this would feel when realizing you'd just called an ex 8 times in a row but were completely unaware of the fact that you'd ever even dialed the number, let alone what you might have left on the machine.

Box And the first one's gone First - I like all of the previous interpretations, but here's another one to consider: Then you return with the next The deep sea diver and the mermaid - I came up empty on that one. Out First one gone, Everyone Press J to jump to the feed. "Think of this as solving problems It also provides the only real solution which all addicts are aware of but many still continue to ignore which is that you have to face the feelings that are causing your sorrow if you want to escape them. And the first one's gone I … For a random guitar tab, click here: Special:Random/Guitar Tab. Put one box on the sidewalk Guitar Tab:Aren't You The Guy Who Hit Me In The Eye? What I hear is a song about parallels between the tragedy of an attempted erasure of a people in WWII to those who are in fear for their lives today. Lights

I feel it would make at least as much sense whilst describing the goings on at least as well. And the lights start going out one by one, Bus You and I will be together

Just like as Primer ends it loses what more temporal mechanics would call logical coherency, but I would only call story structure coherency (But I'm currently alone in that point of view amongst actual philosophers and scientists, and as such fully recommend the watch in case it may inspire anyone in the field to agree with my argument). This sounds like this is a person in the process of killing their former lover/friend/whatever. The orange sweater refers (as stated above) to a prisoner jumpsuit, but in this case, it's not the killer, but could be the Christian victims who were beheaded on the Libyan coast recently (or similar mass murders in the middle east). The mercy kill that can't be drowned, Put I think it definitely has to do with the creative process, which is wholly appropriate for the first of a whopping 52 new songs this year.

"When darlings must be murdered But then a friend mentioned how she was waiting to see a shrink to get some sort of meds whcih could help her with her depression and anxiety cause blackouts (aided by alcohol) and it made me consider that this could actually be exactly what the song is describing.


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