cannonball run 2020 mustang

This was in a full bolt on and cammed 2005 GTO. Picture: VinWiki/YouTube. The two rear auxiliary tanks drained by gravity into the main tank through a factory access hole in the floor where the back seat was supposed to be. Ashmore’s record has been described as “crazy” by former record holders, with Ed Bolian admiring the way the solo driver went about his Cannonball Run attempt. Current Cannonball Run Record: 25 hours and 55 minutes by Fred Ashmore (Solo) in a rental Ford Mustang GT in June 2020; Cannonball Run Route: From the Red Ball Garage in Manhattan to the Portofino Hotel & Marina in Redondo Beach, California When you first hear of an illegal and unsanctioned race across the entire United States, perhaps chaos and carelessness come to mind. Jenson Button’s unofficial Bathurst lap record was wild, Mount Panorama witnessed the fastest ever lap of The Mountain in 2011, and it was epic. Someone on here said on here said something about the Cannonball Baker Sea-to-Shining-Sea memorial run. Where the team that broke the record in late 2019 meticulously prepared their Mercedes-AMG E63, this most recent run was entirely ad hoc in its preparation and execution, using a rented V8 Mustang with almost 500 litres of fuel strapped into the cabin, and one crazed lunatic driving solo the entire way.

They coordinated a meeting place just off I-44 and refilled the whole collection of fuel tanks in under eight minutes. How he broke the solo record seems almost too insane to be real. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. "The Mustang GT will not go any faster than 159 miles per hour," he told, I'd like to believe he's referencing Dan Gurney who, along with Brock Yates, completed the very first Cannonball in a Ferrari Daytona. "That's so off-the-wall and superhuman, I find it a lot more entertaining to watch as a spectator.". The Cannonball Run is an unsanctioned speed record run that is almost 50 years old. He actually used the radio to talk some truckers into moving out of his way.

I have been kicking the idea around for several months of attempting to break the record. This guy averaged about 108mph! It was a drop in the bucket next to the budget for Toman's professionally-prepared AMG, or even the tens of thousands Bolian says he spent on his car and countermeasures leading up to his 2013 record run. "He's high on life right now," said Arthur Ashmore, Fred's older brother, who had kept in touch and advised him during the run. If he had to urinate, he used empty Powerade bottles. Cannonball Run: Iznajmio Ford Mustang pa srušio rekord od istočne do zapadne obale SAD-a Objavljeno: 23/06/2020 / Autor: Tin / Foto: Fred Ashmore Iznajmio Ford Mustang pa srušio Cannonball rekord – Cannonball Run jedna je od najpoznatijih, ali i najilegalnijih utrka u Sjedinjenim Američkim Državama. All up, it is reported that Ashmore completed his run on a budget of less than A$4389 (US$3000). Something fishy about that story. And in the years since, many have attempted to set and reset the record time … Ashmore was lucky, and avoided the worst-case scenario today’s high speed drivers seem to be inching toward inexorably. It is important to note that Ashmore's time, while impressive, is not accompanied by the trove of third-party-verified GPS data that has become the "standard" measure of proof in this non-sanctioned non-event. Assuming you have to stop for gas, you'll need to bump up your average MPH for that hour to around 140mph. This included 2 gas stops and a 20 minute detour/stop to wash the blood off my windshield from taking out a bird with the hood scoop at about 120 mph. ", If you live feed it then you wont make it far without the law intercepting you.

This Mustang GT Cannonball run is the perfect example of it all.

Even those times, set only a few months ago, were blown out of the water recently when Fred Ashmore, 44, of Hancock, Maine, rented a Mustang GT, removed its passenger seats and other interior accessories, strapped in enough extra fuel tanks to bump the car's capacity to around 130 gallons, and made the trip from the Red Ball garage in Manhattan to the Portofino Hotel & Marina in Redondo Beach with only one stop for fuel. In 2018, he stuffed the drivetrain and suspension from a late-model Crown Victoria beneath the body and frame of a '63 Ford Galaxie coupe he found abandoned in a ditch near his house. “What we've got here is failure to communicate.“, Wealth without work; Pleasure without conscience. Triple digit speeds doesn't go hand in hand with good MPG's. New Record. Also the number of injuries and fatalities might have occurred had other cars been on the road with him.

On a team run, the driver drives, and the passenger or passengers monitor the police-detection devices, man the gyro-stabilized binoculars, make calculations and corrections, and communicate with people on the ground. "I had everything ventilated pretty well.". Until now, no one has been crazy enough to accept the risk, and Fred went full send. Adrenaline and mental calculations for time, speed and fuel consumption kept him awake.


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