brahma chicken eggs
You may have seen videos of huge Brahmas lumbering around the chicken yard. In fact, there is an important reason why you may … They will reward you with 3-4 medium brown eggs each week.

The American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection states the standard brahma rooster is 2.5 feet tall, with hens, roosters, and pullets weighing 5 to 8 pounds. We first hear of this bird being called a ‘Shanghai’ in the mid–1800s. However, they absolutely should not be dismissed as an egg chicken. This chicken breed is a jumbo-sized bird among other bird breed. Egg Production. In fact, you will be lucky to get 4 eggs a week from them. This is the breed that fueled the US and UK ‘Hen Fever’ of the 1850s.The ‘Shanghai’ is a cross between a Malay and Cochin bird. 6 X Fertilised Fertile Brahma X Hatching Eggs Large Birds With Great Temperament They are reasonable layers of large brown eggs.

They are a favorite showroom or exhibition bird because they are so calm and easy to handle. Brahmas can take up to 7 months until they come into lay – however the wait is worth it. However Brahmas of that size are relatively uncommon and most stand at around eight to eighteen inches tall. Brahma are not going to lay the most amount of eggs of the chicken breeds. It can grow as tall as around 3 feet (91cm) tall and can weigh about 10 pounds (4.5kg). It is a good winter layer of large brown eggs, which weigh approximately 55–60 g.
The Brahma was an important meat breed in the United States from the 1850s until about 1930. You can improve the chances your chicken will lay if you provide her a secure home, a quality layer feed with 16% protein and plenty of calcium, fresh water, and a clean nest with … The Brahma prefers to lay in cooler weather so when the other girls are winding down for the year, the Brahma will be … The number of “butt nuggets” laid will depend on the individual, her diet, and the quality of her environment. Brahma chicken eggs are a lovely brown color, and the hens lay consistently – up to about 300 eggs per year.


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