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From the very start, Hank’s career was mired in controversy. The song popularized hip-hop in the United States and around the world. Chunks of Chicken and Onion in a Spicy Hot Sauce, Thin Fried Eggplant, Tomato Sauce and Mozzerella, Chunks of Eggplant Sauteed in Garlic, Oil, Onions, and Hot Peppers, Stuffed with 3 different cheeses sauteed in garlic, oil, and onions, Stuffed with 2 different cheeses, potato, sausage, pepperoni, and onions, Stuffed with sauteed onions and 3 different cheeses, Add: Marinara, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Italinan, Balsamic for $0.50. The song, which used the break from Chic’s disco smash “Good Times” as a foundation, became a radio staple soon after its release in 1979, reaching No. Big Bank Hank, who worked at Crispy Crust Pizza back in 1979, spent his days making pizza and rapping along to homemade Hip Hop tapes. “He would rap all the time,” Wonder Mike said in an interview on Tuesday. Reportedly recorded in a single take, “Rapper’s Delight” — the full version ran more than 14 minutes —  immediately shifted the center of gravity from hip-hop as a live form in which D.J.’s and rappers shared billing to one that gave primacy to rappers and their recordings. Information on survivors was not immediately available. The lack of formal credit became a sticking point over the years; to this day, Grandmaster Caz does not receive a writing credit on the song. 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That accolade goes to the Fatback Band’s ‘King Tim III (Personality Jock)’, a funk record which features rap verses, which preceded The Sugarhill Gang’s debut by several weeks. Mr. Robinson heard Mr. Jackson rapping in the pizza shop and invited him to audition for his mother, who approved of his rapping and his personality. But having never touched a microphone or written a rap in his life, he reached out to Caz, who lent him his rhyme book in the belief that any success Hank enjoyed would eventually filter through to the rest of the crew. It is considered to be the birth of hip hop. 36 on the Billboard Hot 100. Got them all in check!” line from the group’s 1980 song ‘8th Wonder’ formed the chorus for Busta Rhymes’ debut solo single, 1996’s ‘Woo Hah!! "Rapper's Delight" was a 1979 single by American hip-hop trio The Sugarhill Gang. Earlier this week, Henry Jackson aka Big Bank Hank – one-third of old-school hip-hop legends The Sugarhill Gang (pictured, centre) – sadly passed away aged 58, having suffered from cancer. Members of the pioneering rap group Sugar Hill Gang circa 1979. He earned an associate's degree in oceanography and later managed a pizza restaurant. He was 58. According to Hank, Robinson – who’d been keen to put out a rap record after hearing tapes of live shows – took him to her son’s car parked outside, had him rap along to a tape, then offered him a deal on the spot. To pay back the loan, he took a job at Crispy Crust Pizza in Englewood. Nevertheless, it lit a fire under other record labels and hip-hop crews, and soon it had plenty of commercial competition. Big Bank Hank, one-third of the Sugarhill Gang, the unlikely ambassadors who took hip-hop out of Bronx parks and onto the pop charts, died on Tuesday in Englewood, N.J. A week later, Big Bank Hank, Wonder Mike and Master Gee recorded 1979’s “Rapper’s Delight.” Not having much experience writing lyrics, he had asked his friend for help. Website created by Chromatify Hank etched his name into hip-hop history books as the second emcee on ‘Rapper’s Delight’. He offered to manage Caz’s group, the Mighty Force MCs, borrowing money from his father to get it a worthy sound system for its live appearances. His music contains numerous references to the Superman comic books. The group was also chided for lack of originality; many of Big Bank Hank’s rhymes on “Rapper’s Delight” were taken from one of Grandmaster Caz’s rhyme books. Big Bank Hank was born Henry Lee Jackson in the Bronx on Jan. 11, 1956, and grew up close to DJ Kool Herc, Coke La Rock and other hip-hop pioneers. Although hip-hop started in the Bronx and gradually spread to the other New York boroughs, Hank and The Sugarhill Gang were based across the Hudson River, in New Jersey – helping to spark what was arguably the first hip-hop turf war.


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