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Alhassan was accused of raping two women inside one of their homes in Saginaw. It’s going to be a great record, this is like Mayweather in MMA. Over the past year-and-a-half, Alhassan said he lost acquaintances, but he also identified who his true friends were. “We don’t have to come up with ‘what if’ scenarios,” D’Avignon told the jury. He was indicted on the allegations in September 2018. White on infamous Jones story: ‘They don’t test for marijuana’. FORT WORTH. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. The mother then took both women to John Peter Smith Hospital, where the older woman received a sexual assault exam. It was not an easy case, according to witness testimony from an investigator who looked into the allegation. They should always watch where they go and should always have people they know have the right intentions with them – not just have any kind of friend.”. Mitch Mitchell is an award-winning reporter covering courts and crime for the Star-Telegram. The victims have nothing to gain from lying, she said. “All of the people that said that negative stuff about me, I hope seeing this positive makes them also push the positive – just like they pushed the negative stuff without knowing my side of the story,” Alhassan said. “Do not give the defendant the benefit of the doubt because these girls were drunk, because then you will be saying to everyone, ‘be sure to pick a real drunk one because then that will be reasonable doubt,’” D’Avignon said. He pulled my dress up and sexually assaulted me. The younger woman said she woke her mother the next morning because she thought something was wrong with her friend. Abdul Razak Alhassan, who last appeared at UFC 228, is accused of raping two woman in Fort Worth, TX. Real-time updates and all local stories you want right in the palm of your hand. The woman did not tell Adcock that she delayed making the accusation because she was frozen, afraid or traumatized by another sexual assault that had occurred when she was a child, all circumstances she later offered as reasons for not reaching out sooner, Moore said. “Take this case off the assembly line,” Moore said. Testimony in his trial is expected to continue tomorrow. These girls are not criminal masterminds, and they are not Oscar-winning actresses. Barnett said Alhassan was very emotional after the verdict was read and thankful to have his wife and friends with him in support during the entire trial. UFC President Dana White gives his reaction to Jon Jones confirming a rumor regarding him avoiding a drug test in 2015. Barnett said he spoke to jurors following the announcement of the verdict, who said they believed that investigators could have done a better job checking into details Alhassan provided during an interview with police detectives that was recorded after his arrest. As he dealt with accusations of sexual assault, Alhassan stayed out of the public eye and let the judicial process play out. But Allyson Kucera, Tarrant County prosecutor, cautioned the jury from jumping to conclusions. A jury found a mixed martial arts fighter, Abdul Razak Alhassan, not guilty of sexual assault on Friday. Finally I was able to prove my innocence of something I was wrongfully and falsely accused of. On Saturday, Alhassan spoke out for the first time with MMA Junkie. Defense attorneys offered several theories to explain how Alhassan’s DNA and sperm was found on and inside the victims, but none of them hold any water, D’Avignon said. A used condom was discovered close by. Additionally, Mitch’s past coverage on municipal government, healthcare and social services beats allow him to bring experience and context to the stories he writes. Take a look at the current card for UFC 254 this coming weekend. By Tim Bissell @timobiss Mar 4, 2020, 3:00pm EST Share this story I think he was one of the top welterweights in the country. They were telling the truth, and the truth is that they did not want to be here.”. He’s also interested in representing Ghana as a judoka in the Summer Olympics. Alhassan provided the underage woman with a way into the club, and according to prosecutors, extracted payment from the women by sexually assaulting them after he took them home. He was an up-and-coming fighter. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. “Do what is right for intoxicated women,” Kucera said. You can watch the exclusive interview with Alhassan in the video above. The woman and her mother had difficulty waking the friend and discovered that she had both her legs through one leg hole of her underwear and that the underwear was inside out. Barnett agreed that Alhassan’s next step would be to get his career back on track. UFC welterweight Abdul Razak Alhassan has been found not guilty of sexual assault following the conclusion of his criminal proceedings on Friday in a case whose initial investigating officer deemed “strange.”. Alhassan told a detective that one of his accusers entered her phone number into his phone after the alleged sexual assault, and the Saginaw police sergeant investigating the case testified that he never had Alhassan’s phone examined to determine if that was true. “They are not fun for either side.”. The two women — then 20 and 22 years old — were at a party for an off-duty Fort Worth police officer and became more and more intoxicated as the night wore on, according to witness testimony. Becoming a sexual assault victim is not the penalty for drinking too much at a bar, Kucera told the jury. Connect to local news for just $4.99 a month for 12 months. Trauma caused woman to delay accusing Fort Worth fighter of sexual assault, she testifies, Witnesses say Fort Worth MMA fighter raped two women feet from where a family slept, Judge drops GPS requirement for MMA fighter accused of rape but issues a warning, too, Cops: Ex-Varsity Tavern bouncer — an MMA fighter — drove 2 drunken women home, raped them, Breast cancer survivors warn women not to put off mammograms, ‘Our city really does care’: Fort Worth restaurants serve a week of specials. My life has been on hold for the past two years, not knowing where (it) was headed. “This allegation put his UFC career on hold for about two years. It was not until she was being interviewed by Kerry Adcock, the Fort Worth detective who initially handled the case, that the woman told someone her story, Moore said. Through the trials and tribulations, Alhassan said he learned a lot. “The kind of pain I went through, I would never even wish that on my worst enemy,” Alhassan said. Adcock told the woman that the delay in making the accusation would cause a problem for the investigation, Moore said. He credits his God, wife and his manager, Ali Abdelaziz, for helping him through the tough times. “If they’re telling me, ‘Razak, we have a fight for you next week, and we want you to cut 100 pounds,’ I’ll cut that 100 pounds,” Alhassan said. “His last fight was in September 2018,” Barnett said. Defense attorneys offered the theory that one of the women had a jealous and abusive boyfriend and this story was made up for his benefit, D’Avignon said. “That’s when I found out there was a guy in my room. Scientists found Alhassan’s DNA in the biological samples authorities collected from each of the victims, according to the testimony of Farah Plopper, a forensic data analyst at the University of North Texas Health Science Center. I cannot wait. She said she had come to the establishment Alhassan worked at and asked him to let her friend, who was 20 at the time, into the club’s restricted area. Despite repeated requests from Bloody Elbow, the UFC has not commented on Alhassan’s indictment. Testimony in his trial began Tuesday in a Tarrant County courtroom. UFC 248 breakdown: Can Zhang Weili simply blitz Joanna Jedrzejczyk and expect to win? A jury found a mixed martial arts fighter, Abdul Razak Alhassan, not guilty of sexual assault on Friday. Anytime these accusations are made frivolously, real rape victims are hurt by these BS stories. A witness said they saw both women leave the bar storage room with Alhassan at one point in the night. The UFC has also not answered questions regarding whether Alhassan remains contracted to the promotion. Abdul Razak Alhassan after being acquitted of rape: I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy Nolan King,John Morgan 3/7/2020. Justin Gaethje: If Conor McGregor wants title shot 'he has to go through me', UFC 248 play-by-play and live results (7 p.m. One of the women accusing Alhassan of rape was known to him. I think if he can get another fight, he would feel real good to get an opportunity.“. “Each and every thing (the victims) talk about shows up in the evidence. The team is hoping to get a message out to the mixed martial arts community soon, Wright said. His indictment came weeks after his last UFC fight, versus Niko Price at UFC 228. Every bit of evidence collected by the Saginaw police investigators was turned over and exposed to the scrutiny of DNA testing, D’Avignon said. “He’s not a prospect; he’s a proven commodity,” Saud testified. The woman said she never saw Alhassan during the assault and was too traumatized to call out for help. Alhassan, a 34-year-old MMA fighter, allegedly brought the two women home from the Varsity Tavern in Fort Worth, where he was working as a bouncer on March 23, 2018. His coach, Steven Wright, stood in the center of the circle and endeavored to calm him down. “He’s been waiting two years to clear his name in court,” Barnett said. I cannot tell you how much frustration I have to put toward somebody.”. “I’ll put a hole in anybody’s head, who they give me. One of the women told the jury that Alhassan forced her down on a bed, re-positioned her clothing and raped her while members of her family were asleep just feet down the hall from her bedroom. Iscriviti a Facebook per connetterti con Abdul-Razak Alhassan e altre persone che potresti conoscere. During a morning break in testimony Wednesday, Alhassan was surrounded by a group of friends outside the courtroom, who gathered together in prayer. The Fort Worth Cats were supposed to be playing ball at LaGrave soon. “I’m angry, but at the same time I’m excited to be back. Alhassan (10-1 MMA, 4-1) was accused of rape by two women after he allegedly took them back to one of their homes in Saginaw, Texas, on March 23, 2018. “How many lies are you willing to let them tell?” Moore asked the jury. That officer declined to help. The younger woman then accused Alhassan of raping the older woman, who was sleeping on a different bed inside the same room.


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