a cure for wellness eels explained

The vet tells him that Pembroke is suffering from chronic dehydration.

They throw the fetus in the aquifer. The water has parasites in the form of infant eels in it (like what Lockhart finds). Just then the Baron succeeds in impregnating his sister and she’s coming along “well” in her maternity… about as well as one can be carrying ones own brother’s child and needs to be supported by the lifeforce of random victims from town. She also doesn’t know that the vial contains the life-giving serum which has kept her from aging for almost two centuries. He urges him to go back to New York.

Here he begins to look for Pembroke. We deny its existence until one day the body rebels against the mind and screams out, "I am not a well man". That ending was just a slap in the face for putting up with the film. Once the eels are inside the body they grow in there. Lockhart has been kept unconscious for 3 days so that he doesn’t create a problem for them. The "spa" concept, then, is Volmer's means of not repeating his Baron-era mistakes.

Seeking to cure her, he began conducting unnatural medical experiments on the local peasantry, resulting in the discovery of seemingly "mummified" corpses and a Frankenstein-style pitchforks n' torches raid on the castle, wherein both siblings were burned alive and the original castle was mostly destroyed. If anyone has more theories on the ending, please drop in your comments. But she’s a little girl, she has no idea of her origins. He sees Mrs. Watkins’ body is one of them. Lockhart says “Ugh. The water given to patients has microscopic baby eels who gain immortality from being in the water.

The creatures seem to be "haunting" the plumbing of The Institute, slithering in and out of bathroom fixtures, and we ultimately discover that Volmer/The Baron has an old-fashioned mad scientist lab down in the aquifer caverns where he dissects and studies them intensely. Apart from Lockhart (who is a "patient" owing to his broken leg) and the enigmatic teenager Hannah, all of the patients are ultra-wealthy businesspeople seeking relief from the stress brought on by guilt over their over-consumptive lifestyles. For only when we know what ails us can we hope to find the cure. We cheat and deceive as we claw our way to the pinnacle of what we define as achievement.

That drove Henry to eventually jump off the bridge. Eventually, he meets Pembroke. The spa lures the ones who are quite successful but hollow on the inside. Ostensibly a story about a Wall Street upstart named Lockhart (Dane Dehaan) who tries to retrieve his missing boss from an isolated health spa (The Volmer Institute) in the Swiss Alps, only to find himself injured and confined to the increasingly-sinister "wellness center" himself as a patient, it quickly unfolds into (in no particular order): a psychological thriller, a dreamlike "gaslighting" melodrama, a murder mystery, a gothic horror film and ultimately something like a science-fiction monster movie. I did like this movie. Hannah's told never to go in the water for fear that she will discover that she's 'different.' This episode happens in Lockhart’s mind and the visions are created thanks to the water he’s been consuming. Given the nature of the letter, the board finds that it will be easy to pin the irregularities on someone who is clearly insane. There is a vet nearby. Again, if you have been watching Game of Thrones, this should feel right at home. They crash into a car that has the board members from New York. Over 200 years before the events in the film there was a castle in Switzerland where a Baron once lived. The elixir was unable to save her. Lockhart has no option but to go. The vet also tells Lockhart that the Baron’s sister was not sick, that she was infertile. Lockhart remembers his father committing suicide. He further walks around to see tanks with floating bodies. While initially, the plan was to send Morris to go get Pembroke from the far-off spa, and given he’s dead and everything, they plan to send Lockhart to go get him. We wrap ourselves in the illusion of material success. He continues having the life-giving serum.

Isn’t it time I left the seat?”. Lockhart wakes up inside a Filtration unit. #DaneDehaan, "A man cannot unsee the truth. The ending is just too plot-holey. This is the opening scene of the film. He has experimented and plotted for over 200 years, working out the best way to use and make the elixir.

I'm not being specific as I want this section spoiler free, but the series Game of Thrones has the same sorts of unpalatable behaviour and billions have people have no problem digesting it there.

When the villagers embark on a plan to kill the Baron and Baroness for killing the townsfolk, they burn down the castle and the Baron. He snaps out of it and cuts open his cast to realize his leg was never broken. Let’s talk about the eels and the water for a bit here.

#Horror #Newhorror #A CureForWellness. Close. Then they tie the Baroness to a stake, burn her and cut out her baby and throw it in the water. We are the only species capable of self-reflection. Pembroke refuses by saying that he’s not well.

He notices that his leg is in a cast. Through experimentation Volmer worked out a filtration system to use the toxic but magical water via the eels. Lockhart goes to meet the vet.

She hasn’t seen the Filtration process. It has consumed him to the extent that he’s willing to throw Pembroke under the bus to escape the fudging he has done. She begins to sway to the music. Again, there is no reason why this happens. He’s given the “corner office”. Volmer plans on having a child with Hannah once she comes of age. She’s referring to Hannah here.

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Hannah at this point doesn’t know that she is the daughter of Volmer.

Lockhart and Hanna make a run for it on her cycle. The Baron had sought to extract whatever made this reaction possible for human use by forcing live eels down the throats (and into the stomachs) of human subjects, and then extracting concentrated liquid from said subject's bodies over time in order to create his life-prolonging "vitamin" elixir (which, Lockhart had previously noted, "tastes like sweaty fish").

Lockhart accepts. All patients in treatment receive new teeth. This narrative subtext is made text when, at the climax, Lockhart is struck by a sudden realization of just how much he'd been listening to Volmer's pronouncements himself and cuts off his cast - discovering that his leg was never actually broken. This small bug is a baby eel. He’s told that he may encounter some visions.


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